Should You Be A Minimalist When Traveling

When I just started traveling at the young age of 18, I’ve always held the idea of being a minimalist.

If you don’t know what minimalism is, it is in essence, living without much clutter and free from unnecessary responsibilities.

It always annoyed me to carry around too many suitcases and other junk while on the road. So, instead all I had was my backpack filled to the brim.

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After almost 8 years of traveling, looking back at my experiences, being a minimalist is not always the answer. I suppose it just depends on what you are comfortable with and how you like to travel. Not everyone can travel like a minimalist so it depends.

Do You Like Traveling By Yourself?

When you have other companions when traveling, it can make traveling as a minimalist a bit more difficult, because they may not necessarily share your style and decide to pack more than you want to.

You have to ask yourself, do you enjoy traveling by yourself? Are you comfortable being by yourself and making new friends if necessary? If so, then minimalist way of travel could feel a bit close to heart.

What to pack

Now, to tell you the truth, you rarely end up using half the stuff you put in your luggage. All those questions of what-ifs and preparation actually never ends up happening. As long as you have a good pair of jeans, decent shoes, a jacket for any type of weather, you are pretty much set.

You don’t need matching pairs of different outfits if you are going to be wearing it for just a day or two. Hence, you need to pack clothes that are reliable, comfortable, and reasonably stylish. You can use all different kinds of combo to make it seem like your wardrobe is more diverse. People don’t even notice that much about what you are wearing.

I wore the same pair of jeans for 2-3 months, with the same t-shirt and shoes. So honestly, you don’t really need as much as you may think you need.

Besides, would you like to be carrying big suitcases and luggage to the airport, train stations, etc all the time? It gets tiring after you do it again and again. So learn to pack more lightly.

Do You Have Money and Funds?

One of the reasons why I traveled like a minimalist is because I didn’t necessarily have the funds to travel so lavishly, which made it much more easier to travel more lightly.

All the stuff you buy along your travels, rarely ends up being used, so it helped me to be more smart and wise with money. However, as I get older my traveling habits are changing. Sometimes, I do prefer taking the taxi instead of the bus. Sometimes I do prefer staying in a nice hotel instead of a hostel.

With more money and higher standards you can travel freely and lightly while also not putting yourself through unnecessary hardships.

If you happen to have money to spare and don’t mind splurging, then you CAN travel like a minimalist while at the same time not necessarily being a minimalist.

If you enjoy wearing nice clothes and bringing heavy and big things along your travels, as long as you have people to deal with those problems, you could in fact enjoy your travels more.

Have a chauffeur carry your suitcase and bring it to your room. Eat out at restaurants and enjoy the scenery.

It Depends On Your Level of Standard

At the end of the day, it all entirely depends on your level of standard and what you want. If you can afford a few extra bucks to travel luxury style, then by choosing to spend your money on things that make your travel easier, you could enjoy a more pleasant experience.