How To Not Lose Your Wallet When Traveling

One of the worst things that can happen when you are traveling is losing your wallet and your documents. it can be a lot of stress going to the embassy explaining your situation and having to get a new passport while at the same time being unable to withdraw funds from your account because you don’t have anything.

so here are just a few tips to help you make sure that you don’t lose your important and valuable documents or your wallet.

Leave your wallet at home

whenever you go out and about to explore the city and do some sightseeing maybe it is best to leave your wallet at your hotel or home. now you should obviously bring some money with you and a copy of your passport information but why do you need to bring your whole wallet when you are traveling?

sometimes I decide to leave my wallet behind when I go out and about because it just feels freer and my pockets are not clogged up with a whole lot of things. instead, I choose to put my credit card with cash and a copy of my passport in a travel pouch or a travel wallet specifically designed for travel.

Don’t put your wallet in your pocket

if you can’t fathom the idea of leaving your wallet behind back in a hotel room or your home then perhaps you should at least choose to not put your wallet in your pocket. if I do every bring my wallet with me I always put it in my backpack. well first and foremost it is is freeing to not have a bulky piece of leather in my pockets and it makes sense to to organise my belongings and to have a specific compartment for important documents and my wallet in the backpack.

Fanny pack is not a good idea

If you think it is easier to have a small fanny pack on your hips, it is not a good idea. You make yourself a prime suspect for thieves. It is pretty easy to slash open any pockets or to distract you with someone while an accomplice uses sleight of hand to steal your fanny pack.

Poof just like that, your whole bag of belongings are gone. What do you do? Go to the police and try to explain the situation? It will be a pretty difficult situation no doubt.

Best Possible Option

At the end of the day, the possible course of action is to make a few copies of your important documents and leave the originals back at the hostel or hotel in a secure safe or lock it in a luggage.

For credit cards and such, you should take only what you need and put it in your backpack or in a hidden compartment in your jacket or something.

That way you prevent yourself from losing everything with one sing swoop when you have everything your wallet.

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