10 Best BUZZING Travel Alarm Clocks

Whether you’re on a work trip or a family vacation, it’s important to have a reliable alarm clock with you.  When you’re on the go, of course, you need one of the best travel alarm clocks to ensure you wake up on time. You might think you could just use your cell phone, but I bet there’s no guarantee it will sync to the local time or even stay charged through the night — especially without access to an outlet. Physical alarm clocks, however, are made to do just that, reliably.

The following is the list of the top 10 best travel alarm clocks in 2019. All of them have a snooze option and a backlight option. They’re easy to ‘snooze’ without turning off the entire clock. Let’s take a look at those amazing travel clocks!

1. KWANWA LED Digital

The first clock in this list is also the first LED clock of its time to be operated only by battery, giving it more versatility and portability than most AC powered clocks. The product features under Amazon’s Choice, and the LED display is of size 1.2 inches. It is powered by 4 AA batteries, and they can sustain for a year. While the 24-hour light-up time display can let you check your time easily from a distance or even in the dark without any operations.

  • Battery Operated Only
  • 3 Levels of Brightness& Auto Dim
  • Backed by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty for true quality assurance
  • Bright, Vibrant LED Display (1.2”)
  • Dual 12/24 Hour Military Time

2. Reacher Mini Battery Operated

Cute and solid-feeling alarm clock! I found it very easy to read, very easy to set the time and alarm time (no more dreading the “spring forward” and “fall back” days). The alarm itself is a combination of an alarm sound and flashing light – neither is obnoxious, as some alarm clocks can be. Can’t go wrong with this one. The product also has a 5-second on-demand light, and the alarm sound keeps ascending in four stages. You can carry it in your handbag comfortably, and it is powered by two AAA batteries. It is followed by 5 minutes snooze, and there is a display on/off switch to save battery and shut off the screen when you do not need to see the time.

  • Lock Switch Design
  • Super simple controls with a red colored Alarm ON/OFF.
  • Required 2* AAA battery
  • 12/24H option.
  • Simple and cute design
  • Reasonable price

3. Peakeep Ultra Compact Battery with Calendar

This travel clock deserves an “almost 5-star” review! This is a very trendy travel alarm clock, and there are two colors available. As you can see it is foldable, and hence, you can fit it inside your pocket. The most positive attribute of this plastic clock is that the snooze alarm will repeat many times without quitting after just a couple. It is quite good for an inexpensive clock, although the sliding levers are not easy to see. It takes AAA batteries which you must supply. There are options for light and snooze. It’s cool that the company also provides a one-year warranty.

  • Battery Operated Only
  • Light weight: 0.17 Oz
  • Loud beeping alarm
  • An easy access convenient snooze
  • Unlimited One Year Warranty

4. Marathon CL030036BK Atomic

Are you a linguistic traveler? There are five different languages also available, and the backlight stays on in the dark in this amazing travel clock. Also, it uses radio frequencies broadcast and therefore, it is self-adjusting.  There are multiple time zones possible with the clock, and therefore, it is suitable for those who are traveling to different countries quite often.  It is also controllable manually, and the size is compact to fit in anywhere you want. There are three different variants available to choose from.

  • You can easily switch between 6 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic & Newfoundland)
  • Multiple languages (English, French, German, Italian & Spanish)
  • Loud beeping alarm
  • 12 or 24-hour formats
  • Cool design
  • In a great condition for the price

5. Marathon CL030023 with Calendar & Temperature

Marathon is famous for the best travel alarm clocks and the CL030023 is no exception. It has multiple display modes that can alert you about the temperature, different time formats, and the months and date. It even has a built-in stand so that you can quickly place it on a nightstand or even on the floor beside your bed.

  • Flexibility to choose 12 or 24 hour formats and indoor temperature in celsius or fahrenheit.
  • The alarm isn’t too loud and disruptive; it’s just loud enough to wake you up.
  • It allows up to two snoozes, which can be useful for some jetlagged users.
  • This clock folds up fairly well so that you can pack it away easily.
  • Includes required AAA battery

6. Westclox Travelmate Folding

You might want a durable option that gives you a few standout features even with something as simple as a travel alarm clock. This clock from Westclox packs in some analog buttons that makes operating this product a breeze. It has a larger button for snoozing and a slider that’s designed for both setting a timer and setting the alarm.

  • Includes alarm with snooze features and on-demand backlight
  • Its snooze and light button are nice and large.
  • This clock’s display is very clear and readable.
  • The timer feature is very useful for when you need to time a meal on the road.
  • Loud beeping alarm

7. hito 3.8″ Digital Battery Atomic

The fact that this clock keeps track of time zones is very useful for international business travelers. When traveling overseas, it’s hard to keep up with the local time. This Hito travel alarm clock can help with this through a radio-controlled system that updates the time automatically. Also, for groggy eyes, this alarm clock has a jumbo display that is easily visible in the morning.

  • Big, well-organised display
  • Turns on the dim backlight automatically in low ambient light.
  • This alarm tells you the day of the week
  • Easy to set
  • Fairly Light weight for its size.
  • This clock also displays indoor temperature (Fahrenheit/ Celsius).
  • It has an auto nightlight that stays illuminated when the light goes low.

8. Marathon CL030058PI Small Compact

Do you like it when one small thing has many roles? Let’s see! So much information in a small little clock. This multi-function clock is perfect for your nightstand, easy to read, attractive, and takes up a small footprint. If it lasts for years then you have a real winner. Perfect size for travel. Depress the night light button to display screen, which fades within seconds…just the right amount to check on the time and temperature in the room.

  • Easy to read large time display
  • Calendar (month, date, day)
  • Shows temperature in celcium and fahrenheit
  • 7 LANGUAGES- English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian & Spanish
  • Super illumination cool blue backlight
  • 12/24hr display

9. DreamSky Decent with FM Radio

The clock radio may be one of the best hybrid devices ever invented. This clock radio uses high quality and high-performance speaker, ensuring your best listening experience. The DreamSky clock is a little bigger than other travel clock options, but it features a four-inch blue LCD display with three-level variable brightness. The clock also has a built-in FM radio with clear sound, volume control, preset stations and “sleep” functionality. DreamSky clock has an additional USB port in the back for easy charging of other devices, such as your phone. Setting the alarm is simple and the “snooze” button is intuitive.

  • USB Charging Port
  •  Both alarm source volume can be adjusted to your comfortable level
  • Easy tuning in FM radio channel
  • 00%-0% completely adjustable display brightness
  • Speaker is loud and clear
  • Battery Backup

10. Travelwey Digital

If you need an amazing alarm clock with a neat, minimalist design, the Travelwey Digital Alarm Clock may be right for you. This inexpensive digital clock includes a protective lid for travel. he clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and you will have no problem whatsoever operating it. Easy for children, seniors and the elderly. Travelwey explains that this clock isn’t cluttered with temperatures and dates — it lets travelers effortlessly set the time and alarm without having to worry about anything else. The clock does have a “snooze” function and a five-second backlight.

  • Easy to use
  • Minimalist design and cool look
  • Time accuracy
  • Redesigned, based on the customers’ feedbacks
  • Lightweight and small
  • Clear display

Last update on 2019-08-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API