I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, but if you have a powerful passport from countries that are more wealthier and well developed, then you will have an easier time traveling and saving money at the same time. If you happen to be from another country that is second world or third world, you will have to get visas to whatever country you want to visit, which will cost some money. Also flights from less developed countries or more expensive relative to more developed countries but it is what it is. So assuming that you have your visa and your flight tickets already purchased, let’s talk about certain factors that you are in control of.

Staying in hostels

If you want comfortable accommodation for a relatively lower price than hostels is the best choice for you. Usually, in most places, it costs from $7 up until 30 or $40 depending on which country you are traveling to. Try Hostelworld Besides being relatively cheap one of the things I enjoy about staying in hostels is that you can meet many people from different parts of the world and you can make friends more easily. Who knows maybe you meet your soulmate at a hostel because everyone is open to new experiences and want to have a good time. Hostels usually attract a younger crowd and people wishing to discover more about the world and themselves, so if you are looking for an adventure and experience, then you must stay in a hostel. However, if you like having your own space and without much noise during your travelers, then staying in a hostel would be more difficult because you have to share a room with strangers. Especially for introverts, it might be a bit difficult being so vulnerable and having to interact with so many people that you don’t know and are not comfortable with. And also some hostels look good on paper and while looking at the pictures however sometimes even though a hostel may have good reviews and supposedly good pictures you will run into some hostels that are not clean and up to the standard that you may have hoped for. So please read the reviews and do a bit of research beforehand.


Couchsurfing is a really cool application that allows you to connect with locals and asked for a place to stay for a few nights. You don’t have to pay for anything and you might come across nice hosts that might be able to show you around the area without any charge. You might be wondering why people would take the time of the day to show tourists around and give them a place to stay for free? Well, some people are just lovely and have a passion for traveling as well and love to meet people from different countries and different cultures. However, you do want to be safe and want to double check the background of the host before you make any plans. You should read reviews and check out the person’s Facebook and other social profiles. If your gut says something otherwise who it is best to listen to intuition.


Eating out at restaurants every day can take a toll on your finances so you can always decide to prepare your own food. Usually, hostels have a kitchen where you can make prepare food. Couchsurfing hosts sometimes are very nice, and I will treat you from time to time as well. However, the cheapest option is just to decide to pack your own food and buy from local grocery stores instead of eating out all the time. You would actually be surprised how cheap food can be if you buy whole foods like rice potatoes meat and such from local grocery stores instead of buying pre-packaged foods. It’s actually good for you as well.

Bus & Train Tickets

Now I would actually advise you to spend some more money to buy economy class or a bit more comfort if you’re traveling long distances via buses or trains. Trust me I tried the cheapest options when traveling with buses and trains when I was in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Seats can be really uncomfortable and sometimes you don’t even get a seat, you have to stand. Instead of buying online sometimes it is cheaper to buy from your local station because they don’t add any extra charge for the tickets. But sometimes if you stand out as a foreigner you do get charged a bit extra, so it does depend on the situation in sometimes.

Blend In With The Crowd

This is most likely to happen if you’re traveling in less developed countries. A lot of countries charge extra for foreigners since they are traveling. Blend in if you can because it helps out a lot when it comes to saving your finances because locals do not pay as much. Instead of talking or trying to talk you can just use body gestures and your hands if you look more like a local. Dressing up as a local will help with blending in as well.

When we are growing up, we all go through certain experiences that leave their imprint on us. From friends, lovers, to relatives, people around us influence in ways we can’t just explain in a few sentences. We soak their beliefs, their ideas, and their behaviours when we are young.

However as we grow up, we start to develop our sense of independence. We rebel against our parents and start to listen to what we think is true within our hearts, but this is soon met with opposition from friends, parents, and people who supposedly know better than you.

Not to mention how the environment affects our way of thoughts and beliefs. Before we know it, we basically become the byproduct of the people that had the most influence on us and the environment we were exposed to.

These beliefs and ideas somehow end up subconsciously imprinted within our minds and we end up doing certain things not based on our own free will, but our previous programming.

The Secret
6,588 Reviews
The Secret
  • Beyond Words Publishing
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne however, teaches us that we have the power, that we are in charge of our destinies.

Have you ever had a thought that occured to you and somehow that thought became more and more intense, which soon thereafter ended up becoming true? Well that is what the law of attraction is basically about.

The feelings we feel, the thoughts we have, and the things we repeat to ourselves, most importantly our fears end up manifesting into the real world, and if we are not aware of it, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Love is not hard, it’s easy – What The Secret Teaches

It is fascinating how my childhood and teenage years look so clear in hindsight, because the thoughts I had and the beliefs I held during that time all became true when it came to matters of love.

During my late childhood years, girls used to chase the cool Orgil, full of confidence and swagger. Personally, I wasn’t interested in relationships nor love since I found no point in experiencing it, but there was a shift once I hit puberty and started to go through hormonal shifts.

Growing up listenting to melancholic music such as My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, and other emotionally angst songs, to watching romantic movies where love is a struggle, a battle, that’s essentially how my love life came to be.

The people I loved/cared about, all resembled the poems, the love stories, and the movies I watched. Even if things started out well and great, it soon turned into a melodrama of emotions and struggles that the other person was not willing to deal with.

This went on for years and years, until my early adulthood years. It wasn’t until the person who I thought was perfect for me in every aspect turned out to be someone else I was not expecting. I had been fantasising, dreaming, or idealizing all people I came to like or fall in love with.

This stems from our inner void of feeling not good enough for something, that we have to prove something to people, which is very unhealthy because life is not about proving something to other people; it’s about sharing fun filled moments without expectations and attachments to what may happen. It’s playful, it’s fun, and people should feel free to come and go as they please.

However, realising that I’ve been coming from a very fearful and scared space, it was like a moment where it all made sense. All of previous experiences when it came to the matters of love failed due to my sense of low worth despite the objective and realistic opposite.

You have to know your worth and you have to learn to love yourself fully before someone else can love you back in return.

Making money is not hard – Using The Secret

Another area of life a lot of people struggle with is making enough money to make ends meet. How many of you know people who are working harder than ever but just can’t seem to have enough money to start doing the things they love or live the life they want?

Again this all comes down to their belief systems of what they have grown up with. Now in certain cases outside influences and circumstances do have a role in someone’s financial well being, but in most cases non financially literate people make small choices and decisions that negatively affect their financial future.

How many people freely spend their money on needless things because an advertisement told them so? How many of them spend their money on books or valuable courses that could help them make more money?

Most often, people tell us college and work is the way to living your life, but a lot of us fail to understand that life has many more opportunities. We think hard work only will get us success, but we also have to learn how to make luck work in our favour.

Coming from a somewhat poor background during my early childhood, as a nomad, there wasn’t much to go around. Everything I thought was based on lack of resources, that I need to hoard all the good things that come to me. Up until I graduated college, that’s how it has always been for me financially.

I worked at certain jobs to save save save and not leave much to treat myself. In certain cases, not buying food because I needed to save. However, I learned to never be stingy on spending money on your well being. A healthy body and mind is priceless.

What is interesting though however is that, I’ve always imagined myself traveling the world and having work I could do with my computer. Sooner or later, I learned to let go of the mentality of always having to save and save but investing your money into other endeavors that will make you more money.

You can make money work for you and make more money with money, and that’s essentially where my life is at! Though it’s not fully to the level I hoped, it’s getting there.

What’s really important is to act as if you already have it all. To go to the places you always wanted to go, to dress in a way that makes you FEEL like you are already living that lifestyle. Sooner or later you will find ways to make that happen if you so choose.

Life is not hard – It’s Easy with The Secret

One of the things I always disagreed with my parents was how everything is a struggle that we have to work hard for everything we have. While to some degree that’s true, it’s not the full truth. There are people who did not have work hard for much, but because they saw opportunities or saw things from different perspective, they made a life of their dreams.

Life can be easy if you choose to live an easy life. We just don’t know where to beging. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is taking on responsibilities that they don’t want to burden themselves with. This means becoming a parent when they are not ready, getting married because that’s what other poeple are doing etc.

We follow the usual path, what everyone else is doing to perhaps fit in or to perhaps not feel ostracized, but the important thing to remember is that, your life is your life. You choose how to live it; other people can’t choose the life for you.

Even if it means upsetting a few people and breaking their heart, your life’s path is something you have to take yourself. Life truly can be easy and effortless if you believe it is and make choices that will make it so. We just need to see it with a different lense.


Much like a radio signal or tv channel, your mind and your thoughts are a signal emitting radio tower. What you think, what you feel, you will attract certain experiences and people into your life.

Sometimes it’s so freaky how what you are strongly feeling and thinking about can manifest in the world. One of the most recent experience personally for me was when I was walking through a street full of people feeling upset about walking all lonely but hopeful that I will come across someone that will make feel not so lonely.

Surprise surprise, a totally random stranger walks up to me asks me if I am alone, he tell me he is alone as well and just walks away. It’s an experience I will never forget. It made realize that I am not alone that there are people in the world who go through certain life struggles just like I do. Soon thereafter, one my old flames who I really liked reached out to me.

It’s freaky how your thoughts and feelings can have such a profound effect on your reality! So live your life in joy, happiness, and health because the more you allow yourself to feel that way and the more you allow yourself to be open to such experiences, the more your life will fill with the wonders of life!

The Secret
6,588 Reviews
The Secret
  • Beyond Words Publishing
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words
I remember the days when falling in love couldn’t be any easier. All it took was a linger that lasted a while longer. For days and nights the sweet feeling of infatuation surrounds with its blanket of warmth and romantic idealism. The sappy love songs and the cheesy movies actually made sense for a change.

What started off as mere fantasy became borderline obsession. And then suddenly, the muse I made, the idealism I held all fell crumbling down. Realizing the so called undying love was never reciprocated and that she never had the same feelings in the first place stabbed a wound deeper than any blade could.

But life goes on, as in time, wounds healed, and I felt ready for another adventure. With chest out and head up high, the world looked brighter, more optimistic, something that was missing from my life for a while. Soon enough, my stomach is churning, lips dry, and breath heavy, a feeling that once was lost but regained. Somehow this time, I actually had the courage to whisper a word, but soon enough I regretted it. I walk away in embarrassment only to mull myself over my idiocy.

However, life is forgiving and rich in generosity. I was sitting face to face, with the girl of my “dreams” finally! That sound of her laughter, her smile; if only we could freeze time and stay in them forever. Waiting for that phone ring almost felt like eternity and with slightest whisper of sound, my trembled and reached for the phone. But I still wait, perhaps she did not get my message, perhaps something happened, I thought, but slowly the realization kicked in. The sadness, the disappointment, the grief…

My guitar would take a good beating for a few days, as a means to mend yet another broken heart. Only this time around, forever it did not take; perhaps life’s responsibilities demanded a quick recovery. I dust myself off yet again, and set sail for a different horizon. Ohh how life always challenges you every step of the way guiding you.

Love at first sight? I thought such things no longer existed? Perhaps I should be careful, perhaps there’s more to it, I pondered. Down the rabbit hole deeper I went into the elusive nature of love, but the mystical forces of love could not let me off so easily as I found myself yet again at the mercy of Eros. She was intelligent, ambitious, and had a knack for challenging my assertions. This time though, I was prepared, “somewhat…”, and as fate would have it, she was under my arms staring into my soul like the starry skies at night.

Yet, it’s funny how fleeting it all can be. My heart said yes, but my mind said no. As much as I tried to convince myself into my delusions, sometimes love is not enough. The deeper I dive in love, the worse the pain, but more the growth. But life always works out for the best, it shows you that things can get better if you so choose, as those same butterflies found their way back in my stomach.

Aahhh, those big brown eyes and elegant grace of her body and voice. For once, my crazy philosophical rants, my outrageous spiritual beliefs, didn’t sound so crazy after all, as she stared into my world with amazement and excitement. At last, someone that could connect with my purest form of self, my ideals, my values…

But as if the Almighty above couldn’t make it any harder, time and circumstance never allowed for the flower to fully blossom. But life still goes on… slowly but surely your ideals of romanticism with it. New and old, they all leave their imprint on to you and they in turn take some of yours. Love no longer is the romantic movies you watch on TV, songs you hear on the Radio, nor fantasies you read in books; it becomes something more; something mature, more grounded, more real.

Yet, we still hold on to that little innocence of love, that Romanticism of our youth……..