Travel & Tour Agencies in Mongolia

The Best Tour Operators in Mongolia

Are you looking for the best travel agencies and tour operators in Mongolia who will help you navigate the difficult process of getting a visa, booking a flight and planning a trip? Well here are the the best companies you should reach out to if you want to have the best experience traveling around Mongolia.

If you didn’t know, Mongolia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world and if you happen to get stranded in the middle of nowhere it’s hard to get help. Besides the capital Ulaanbaatar, technological and communication development is still lacking. So preparation is key when you choose to book a flight to Mongolia today.

How To Choose A Travel Agency?

You have to make sure that whatever travel agency you book with is a good fit for you. Some tour companies specifically target a certain niche. If you are an adventurer and like to be more independent with your travels, perhaps you should just hire a personal guide and rent a car instead of a travel agency.

If you prefer German, French or any other languages besides English there are certain agencies who specifically cater to those markets. There is a difference between booking a travel agency online via 3rd middleman vs a local travel agency that actually sets up the tour for you.

Websites such as Lonely Planet, Routard, Tripadvisor etc are bigger websites that don’t specifically cater to your needs, so it’s better to niche down and search for local agencies that are actually located in Mongolia who plan everything for you. It’s just a more personal and comforting experience to know that there is no middle man involved who is only seeking make a sale. Local agencies will actually guide you through the process and help you with the hurdles that may arise.

Finding Local Guides in Mongolia

Most tour operators will have guides of their own in the language you prefer. French speakers will get a French speaking guide, German speakers will get German speaking guide, etc.

However, if you have to find a local guide who is not affiliated with a travel agency or a tour operator, read our article on finding local guides for hire. There are plenty of applications that are being developed that can make your experience easy and more pleasant. Just check out the most recent app we are developing.

My Personal 4 Tour Agency Recommendations

Having worked with these companies closely, I may be a little biased but they have been around for many years and are local agencies that actually care about your stay in Mongolia.

Nomadic Trails

Tulga Otgonbaatar is the man you want to get in touch with, if you enjoy adventurous trips and tours. You will go to the most exotic places that in some ways demand physical and mental fortitude. Nomadic Trails tours are not for the weary heart. You will be challenged, but the experiences and the lesser known parts of Mongolia will be there for your viewing pleasure.

Juulchin Tourism Corporation of Mongolia

If you are an English speaking national, it’s best to go with Juulchin. They have great selection of guides, tours, and the prices are very affordable for its value. Juulchin is one of the most well known brands in Mongolian travel industry, so they have a reputation to hold up to.

Discover Mongolia Development

For French nationals, give DMD a try. They have unique tours that they provide all over the country. From the far western regions of Mongolia to the South and Eastern Mongolia you have a variety to choose from. In case you need to ask for help or meet with the team, they have an office in Grand Plaza Ulaanbaatar.

They are always welcoming and will help you provide any information you need.

Evasion Mongolie

Evasion Mongolie is geared towards French speaking nationals who have a bit lesser budget. Starting from 900 euros, they offer mostly 10+ day tours that you can enjoy. Get in touch with Anya for any further inquiries. Don’t be shy, she’s fluent in French and lives there. If you happen to live in France, you could catch her around somewhere.

Or you can always reach to me for free consultation! Contact me. I would be happy to provide you some tips and give you guidance. I could get you introduced to the right people who can get your trip sorted out for discounted prices. If you haven’t already check out my Youtube Channel where I talk about a lot of topics concerning Mongolia!