Why You Should Pay Attention To The Shoes You Wear

A lot of people don’t care about what they wear on their feet. However, shoes are one of the most important aspects of your general attire. You should always strive to look your best by choosing the right pair of shoes, because in a way you are not just wearing them for the sake of wearing them, but you are always portraying an image or a style.

The reason why women have a lot of shoes says something about how important they are to one’s appearance, and women judge someone’s attractiveness on shoes alone!

Personal Identity

Before just picking any type of footwear from your nearest shopping mall, you have to understand what kind of person you are and how you want to portray yourself. Your clothes and especially your shoes must have a healthy blend of balance that’s the right fit for your body, your personality, and the type of look you’re trying to go far.

For example: If you are a rockstar and want to showcase to the world that you are the next Mick Jagger, stylish boots or uniquely designed converse sneakers etc would be a better fit for you. See our various shoe reviews for any further details.

Health Reasons

Did you know how your feet and the footwear you have impact your overall health? If you don’t know you foot arch and the type of shoes that will fit you more comfortably, see here. There is a reason why most of your shoes get worn out in a similar fashion either on the outer rim or the inner rim. It’s based on your foot arch and your walking gate, but by buying the correct shoes, you can walk more comfortably and prevent foot arch pain.

Look Taller

If you are looking for best shoe brands to make you look taller without being noticed , especially for guys, check out our article best shoes to buy to look taller. Not only can you look exceptionally stylish and appear more attractive, but certain types of footwear make you appear an inch or two taller without drawing too much attention. High heels are obvious for women, but for men, you could wear dress shoes with slightly thicker soles or certain brands of shoes that boost your height.

When you learn how to dress your best and wear clothes that fit you with a pair of sturdy and firm shoes, you can look a few inches taller and visually look longer. More to come regarding this topic on our blog.