How To Choose The Correct Footwear

When you go shopping how often do you stop to consider the following details before buying shoes? A lot of people buy 1-2 sizes too big and picks up whatever that catches their attention. However, you need to follow these steps in order to buy footwear that not only looks cool, but ones that are actually healthy for your feet.


The average shoe size in the U.S is between 10.5 for males and 9 for females, however, I am willing to bet that the actual average shoe size is 1 size smaller for males and females because we often unknowingly wear shoes that are a bit too big. How often do you see people wearing oversized T-shirts, hoodies, and jeans? Most buyers are uninformed and buy whatever is on the rack without much consideration.

Sizing can vary based on what kind of shoe and footwear you buy. Trainers and sneakers tend to have smaller sizes, so a size 10 dress shoe won’t fit you because dress shoes tend to be larger despite the numerical size value. Depending on the brand, there are slight variations in size so it’s always best to try them on and make sure the feel comfortably snug, with some space for expansion of the feat due to heat.

People’s feet come in different lengths and widths, so have them measured and find brands that fit your feet dimensions. If you google brands for wide, narrow, long, or short feet, I am sure you’ll come across many selections.

Foot Arch

Now that you’ve determined your sizing, you also have to determine your foot arch. Ever wonder why your shoes get worn out on the outer rim rather than the inner rim vice versa? It’s because of your foot arch and your gait when walking.

When buying boots and shoes, it’s very important to consider foot arch because in the long run you may run into knee and join problems because of improper footwear. Find your arch here:


At the end of the day, it’s best to buy quality shoes made out of quality material. In the long run, it’s cheaper than buying mediocre quality footwear and having to buy a pair more frequently. How do you define the quality? Usually the price is a good indicator for quality, but not always: read here.

Depending on the brand, the prices might increase two three fold just because of the brand itself. Some generic brands might have the same quality and might actually feel better on your feet, but they just don’t have the “Timerblands, Gucci, Nike, etc” luxury brand name attached to it.

Determine The Function

Are you buying a pair for exercising, running, hiking, or for casual wear? Read our shoe reviews for more insight, but this is obvious. You must determine for what function you are buying shoes. Running shoes are different than hiking shoes, etc, so make sure to narrow it down to your specific function.

If you want all in one shoe that you could wear casually as well as run in, there are some options, but there will trade-offs so consider some of the factors that will go into your decision.

Define Your Personality

A lot of people subconsciously and consciously judge you based on your shoes. Are they dirty, are they stylish, etc? The shoes you were define you as a person in a sense. Are you an adventurer and explorer? Then shoes that have earthy and sturdy look will give you that image.

Or are you the artsy type who doesn’t like to adhere to conventions, then brands tailored towards artists would be your go to store. There is no right or wrong answer here since it’s mostly based on your personality, the type of person you are, and how you wish to present yourself.