4 Reasons To Buy Palladium Boots

Palladiums boots are one of the most stylish but also functional shoes you can ever buy. It’s the best combination of durability, style, practicality, and price.

Palladiums are mostly suited best for adventurers, explorers, and individuals who are not afraid to get dirty if necessary. They have been making quality shoes for almost 100 years and their reputation goes a long way. From the French foreign legion, to being showcased in action movies, it’s must buy!

Best Quality For Low Price

For $100, you can get a pair that will last you 2-3 years at least. My Palladiums were morseo for casual wear and cost me around $60, but lasted 3 years despite wearing it quite often in mud, during hikes, and sometimes even running.

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Amazing Choice of Selection

There are plenty of choices, colours, and styles. From winter, hiking, to stylish boots, they have amazing selection to choose from. While they still retain the military kind of style and feel, Palladiums can be worn casually, for sporting events, and for practical purposes.

Comfortable And Snug

Usually they are true to the advertised size, so assuming you bought the correct size for you feet, Palladiums will fit you very comfortably. The thick rubber soles act as a good shock absorber and the grip/friction is amazing. Once you tie the laces fully, you’ll feel like they’re just an extension of your body!

They Make You Look Taller

Want to gain an additional 0.5 inch in height? Palladiums are perfect for making you look a tad bit taller without going overboard. The standard heel size is 1″, so it should a few precious mm to your height and make you feel more confident in general.

If you are ready to buy a pair, check out the best palladium boots for men and for women.

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