Намрин орсон бороо
Зөөлөн шивнэх салхины дуу
Холын зам зорьсон би
Аялын эцэст ирсэн, би

Анхны дурлал хайр
Аяны өнгөт дурсамж
Холыг би, туулсан би
Наадмынхаа эцэст ирсэн, би

Мммххмм x 8

Хорвоод би хаа явах
Ертөнцийг би хаа дагах
Мэдэх аясан ч
Маргаашын өглөөг хүртэн хүлээе

Мммххмм x 8


Namrin orson boro
Zuulun shivneh salhenee duu
Holeen zam zorson be
Ayaleen etsest irsen be

Ankhnee durlal hair
Ayanee ungut dursamj
Holeeg be, tuulsan be
Naadmeenhaa etsets irsen be

Мммххмм x 8

Horvod be haa yavah
Yurtuntseeg be haa dagah
Medeh aysanch
Margaasheen ugluug hurten huleeye

Мммххмм x 8

As we sat by the bench, filled our ears with music’s holy
Glanced my right, beside me thinking of words to say, but never uttered
As the leaves they fell, one by one with you they grew
Tiles in yellow, game of letters, block by block words they formed

Ink and paper we scribbled, as mom rant, as my hand tired ohh how fickle
Three days and nights, three weeks and I don’t know, but it’ll always tickle

Maybe you fell in love with my words,
Maybe you fell in love in another world

Or maybe I stopped tried being the man I once used to be
The world I told you I want to see, songs and cards and letters that go, the gentleman you’ve grown to know, and I can’t say no, to the things so wrong woohh

But you’ve turned brown, from the blonde you told,
steppes and green you said you want to behold, Africa you said to me, a vet you once told me you’d be and you can’t be free that you said you need to go ohh

Maybe I fell in love with your words
Maybe I fell in love in another world

Lalalala, lalalala

And there’s no looking back, your voice as it slowly fades
The words I keep, and tell me if the same, or tell me if they turned to black
know I tried but guess too late, fears and worries that sometimes go whack,
I know you lied, but you’re not blame, don’t play his heart as you did to mine

Maybe you fell in love with our words
Maybe you fell in love in another world

Lalalala, lalalala la

Goodbye, goodbye, it’s the only friend that I know
It’s the only word that is so, it’s goodbye

Sailing in the endless in the sea
Flying high above the clouds
You can’t run, you can’t hide
From goodbye

You can’t fight it, you can’t fight
Ohh no you can’t stop it, you can’t stop it
From all the things to come, from all the things that’s done
All the things in life, it’s goodbye

Mmmmmm, mmmmmmm
mmmmmm, mmmmmmm

Sailing in the endless sea
Flying high above the clouds
Driving down the winding road
It is time time time it is time time time
It’s goodbye

hooooo, hoooo

Sailing in the endless sea
Flying high above the clouds
It’s goodbye