5 Mongolian sheepskin fur & faux fur blankets (throws)

Like to cuddle and snuggle onto something soft and plushy? Well take a look around these amazing selection of Mongolian sheepskin fur blankets and throws.

Allergic to lamb or sheep? No need to worry because there are faux fur options that look just like the real thing. They are a bit cheaper and easier to maintain as well.

Why choose Mongolian fur/ faux fur?

Besides being very comfortable, soft, and smooth on the skin, Mongolian fur is not necessarily made by killing the animal. Yaks, sheep, and goats naturally shed, so instead of wasting valuable resources, nomads use it to make all kinds of things: from the traditional deel, to boots, pillows, insulator, Mongolian yurt etc.

Faux fur is substitute for people who may be allergic or need to save some money. The material quality is different since faux fur is usually made from cotton, so it won’t feel as soft or smooth, but they are easier to clean.

Authentic Mongolian Lamb Fur Throws & Rugs

2′ x 4′ Tibetan / Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Premium Quality By C.F Inspirations, LLC

2' x 4' Tibetan / Mongolian Lamb Fur...
  • Love And Warmth - Packed With Super-Exciting Features!
  • Exceptional Products; Exceptional Quality!
  • All of our throws made from carefully selected from genuine grade A sheepskins,

These are great for using it as decoration on your sofa or sometimes as a blanked if need be. Made from real Tibetan lamb fur, this is the real deal! Soft, smooth, and elegant, you will be sure to get some positive comments from guests.

The squarely shaped style might be a little boring for some people’s taste, but if that’s your thing, this is perfect for you.

Genuine real Beige cream Tibetan Mongolian Sheepskin Fur Hide pelt throw rug Premium Quality

ELuxury Home Genuine Real Beige Cream...
7 Reviews
ELuxury Home Genuine Real Beige Cream...
  • Genuine Mongolian Lambskin Hide / pelt
  • Silky and super soft fur with curly hair up to 4" length. Reverse skin exposed
  • skin dimensions are aprox 35.5"x22" (excludes fur length) fur length varies between 2-4"

Made from genuine Mongolian fur, this is another great choice for more of an authentic feel. I have one of these at home and it looks great on sofas, chairs, etc and they feel amazing. You can use it as rug if you prefer. Don’t worry about them getting dirty, these things are incredibly durable and tough.

However, do try to keep it away from as much dust, dirt, and stains… just common sense even though they are durable 🙂

Sova Home Genuine Mongolian Lamb Rug (2′ x 3′, Natural)

ELuxury Home Genuine Light Grey...
2 Reviews
ELuxury Home Genuine Light Grey...
  • Genuine Mongolian Lambskin Hide / pelt
  • Silky and super soft fur curly hair fur upto 4" in length - reverse exposed skin
  • Natural bi - product

Looking for something more unique and stylish? Sova Home Genuine brand delivers when it comes to looks and aesthetics. Compared to other fur rugs and throws, its hair is more long, coarse, and wavy. (Mongolian sheep tend to have more wavy and course hair compared to other sheep).

They surface area is a bit smaller, so these are more suitable for decorating chairs, smaller sized sofas, and maybe as a bathroom rug.

Faux Mongolian Fur Throws and Blankets

Ojia Super Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Mongolian Lamb Throw Blanket

Ojia Super Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Mongolian...
50 Reviews
Ojia Super Soft Fuzzy Shaggy Mongolian...
  • 【Quality Material】: Made of 100% microfiber polyester, this beautiful rich faux fur throw blanket is made of super soft microfiber polyester for a plush, textured look and feel of real fur without...
  • 【Luxurious & Elegant】: Ojia fluffy blanket is designed for luxurious feel and elegance, its made of high grade faux fur with a classy design and look, Luxuriously lined with a color matched...
  • 【Fluffy Looking】: Adding convenience to luxury, provides warmth to your bed, soft and stylish fur will be a great accent in any room, drape it over a chair, couch or bed to create an inviting...

Personally I find them a little too shaggy and messy, but this would be a great fit for cottage homes that have more of a warm feel, something that would go well with a house that has a fireplace.

It’s pretty long and wide, so it’s perfect for decorating your bed, using it as a blanket, even as a robe if need be. Best part is, that it’s machine washable and comparatively a lot cheaper.

Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw – Full Blanket

Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw - Full...
42 Reviews
Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throw - Full...
  • Luxuriously lined with a color matched velvety backing
  • Available in two sizes: 58" x 60" and 60" x 84"
  • Four color options: grey, ivory, pink and taupe

You can’t go wrong with these. Well received by many people, this is a great choice for a lot of people looking to get the best bang for their buck. Made from 100% acrylic, this is very durable while at the same time very stylish.

Best Home Fashion offers different sizes and colours, so depending on your needs, you have some choices. You can machine wash it, however it is recommended to dry clean for a longer shelf life.

Making Your Final Choice

Personally I find the Best Home Fashion Faux fur throw to be the best choice. It’s durable, stylish, larger surface area and can be used for many occasions such as using it as a blanket, furniture decoration, wearing it as a robe, bed cover, etc.

However, whatever you may need and want is different, so take a look around and see what’s best for you.

If you haven’t, also check out review of the best Mongolian fur and faux fur pillows.

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