4 reasons to buy Mongolian lamb fur and faux fur pillows

Helping the local community

When you buy Mongolian fur and other materials related to it, you are helping to support local herders and businessmen whose sole way of living is through selling animal products. Sheep fur does not necessarily have to be extracted by killing the animal, so sheep wool is sustainable and humane.

Mongolian animals and livestock are not held in pens for day and night. They have the freedom to graze the Mongolian countryside and live quite comfortably. Nomads do tend to slaughter some of the sheep and goats for food, but most of their practices are humane.

Learn a new culture

The history and culture behind Mongolia is rich and broad. For enthusiasts and aspiring travelers its a great way to get your feet wet. Who knows, someday you might end up traveling to Mongolia?

From art paintings, to traditional yurts and gers, mongolian lamb pillow, to the Mongolian way of life, you’ll be sure to learn something new.

It looks and feels amazing

Mongolian fur pillows on a bedEver had your hands run down authentic Mongolian fur? The feeling and the senstation is amazing. It’s soft, plushy, and silky smooth. Not only that, but lamb fur is a great way to insulate heat and keep your body warm. Especially for the winter months it’s the top choice.

The perfect gift

Not sure what kind of gift and present to buy your friend for his/her birthday? Why not the Mongolian fur or faux fur pillow for a change? Everyone needs to decorate their homes and having a spare pilllow is always a bonus.