8 Best Mongolian Fur Pillows of 2018

No matter where your allegiance lies, you can, in fact, enjoy the best of both worlds. That applies at least when it comes to Mongolian fur pillows.

Sure, the connoisseurs of original fur might say that faux is inferior, but the truth is that you can hardly distinguish between the two when applied as a pillow cover.

Besides, some people don’t like the feeling of using real fur and would happily settle for faux. But how do you choose the right one when there are so many choices available?

Don’t worry; you’re going to get the best Mongolian fur pillow reviews in this guide. So, keep on reading!

SLPR Mongolian Lamb Fur Cushion

People who like real fur are less likely to consider faux options when it comes to pillows covers. Luckily, the SLPR Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow Cover has all the makings of a hit product. From 100% authentic Mongolian lamb fur to contemporary convenience elements like zipper closure and micro-suede backing, this product has it all!

SLPR Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow...
273 Reviews
SLPR Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Pillow...
  • 100% REAL MONGOLIAN LAMB FUR WITH CURLY TEXTURE - Experience the lush softness, elegance and exceptional comfort of real mongolian lamb fur with a curly texture. Luxuriously soft & beautifully crafted...
  • AVAILABLE IN VIBRANT COLORS TO TRANSFORM ANY SPACE - Our beautiful Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover adds elegance and sophistication to traditional or modern décor. Available in a variety of vibrant...
  • MICRO-SUEDE BACKING WITH ZIPPER CLOSURE - Beautiful, practical and functional, each gorgeous Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Cover has a micro-suede backing which provides extra grip when used as a back...

Its elegance and softness are unparalleled, and so is the micro-suede backing that provides extra grip when this pillow is used as back support. You can choose from an exciting range of vibrant colors and bring any contemporary or classic decor to life. This item will not only light up your room but also your heart.

Unite Down 100% Real Mongolian Fur Throw

Now, this is one product that combines the best of fur and faux fur. The front side of this pillow has 100% curly lamb fur while the backside has fur made of polyester. Why the difference? It’s apparently so that you get maximum comfort when using as a head pillow as well as optimum grip if used as back support.

unite down 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Fur...
26 Reviews
unite down 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Fur...
  • 1.Material: Front side 100% Curly Lamb Fur, Natural, Beautiful; Back side polyester.
  • Size: 24x24inch.
  • Designed: Hidden Zipper closure for easy care. Pillow inner not included.

Regardless of your intentions, this product guarantees comfort or else you can get your money back! Did we mention cleaning is easy as well? Just a damp piece of cloth is all you need to get rid of spots on the fur.

Fog Grey Color Real Sheepskin Pillow Cover

Made of authentic Mongolian lamb wool, this pillow takes design aesthetics to a whole new level. The dyed, grey Tibetan Mongolian fur not only makes this pillow look luxurious but adds resistance to accumulating dirt due to the color. Because it’s made of authentic Mongolian fur, you can stay assured that comfort level will be unmatched.

Occasion Gallery Fog Grey Color Real...
27 Reviews
Occasion Gallery Fog Grey Color Real...
  • Fog Dyed Color, Real Genuine Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow, Filled. 12 Inch X 20 Inch Oblong
  • Imported
  • Mongolian Lamb Fur Design Pillow Cover and Insert. Decorative Throw Pillows for Sofa or Bed.

You can either use this as a throw pillow for the sofa or your bed. Nobody is stopping you from using it as a sleeping pillow either. Available in a broad assortment of colors, these babies are bound to bring a new sense of freshness inside your home.

Unite Down Tibetan Lamb Fur Cover

Similar to the pillow we reviewed above, this one also comes with a combination of 100% Mongolian lamb wool and polyester. Honestly speaking, we feel that this product should be much more popular than it is now. After all, Unite Down does have a reputation for bringing outstanding home improvement items.

unite down 100% Tibetan Mongolian Lamb...
1 Reviews
unite down 100% Tibetan Mongolian Lamb...
  • Fabric: Front :100% Mongolian lamb wool, Back: polyester
  • Dimensions & Colour: 18x18inch(45x45cm); White
  • Process: Hidden Zipper closure for easy care, Pillow inner not included

This model also has an easy-to-use hidden zipper and has decent grip due to the polyester on its backside. The company recommends you only dry clean to avoid damaging the fur. And if you’re not satisfied with the pillow, you can apply for a refund within 30 days. Go ahead and try it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

4 Best Mongolian Faux Fur Cushions

Brentwood 18 inch Faux-fur Cushion

This is one of the bestselling items on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why. Brentwood has not only made this pillow visually aesthetic but gave it the perfect design to match your sofa or bed as a throw pillow. Its white color is soothing to the eyes, and the plush filling will give you the best lounging experience ever!

Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur...
920 Reviews
Brentwood 18-Inch Mongolian Faux Fur...
  • PLUSH FILLING that provides extreme comfort and support for lounging around
  • PERFECTLY VERSATILE designs to accent your bed or sofa as a throw pillow
  • CONSITENT HIGH-END QUALITY from one of the top decorative pillow manufacturers, Brentwood Originals.

It measures 18×18 inches and is extremely easy to clean. For minor and light spots, you can use a damp cloth to clean things off. This Mongolian faux fur pillow feels like the real thing, and that is no exaggeration!

North End Decor Faux-fur Throw

If you are familiar with Seattle’s very own brand, North End Decor, then you probably know that they put quality above all else. This polyester-made Mongolian fur pillow comes with super soft faux on the front and cozy shearling on its back. What’s the result? Extremely comfortable and easy to clean pillow that doesn’t set you back by a fortune.

North End Decor Faux Fur 18'x18' with...
9 Reviews
North End Decor Faux Fur 18"x18" with...
  • 18" x 18" includes pillow form
  • HIGH-END LUXURY: Quality fabric and durable craftsmanship
  • CLASSY AND COZY: Super soft faux fur front, cozy shearling on back

And by “easy to clean,” we mean to say that a regular damp cloth will be enough to restore the pillow’s former shine. For a brand so reputed, it’s tough to imagine that they can sell such a high-quality product at such a low price.

OJIA Deluxe Plush Throw Cover

Got a regular ol’ pillow that you think could use a makeover? Just buy this pillow cover from OJIA Deluxe and watch it transform. Seriously, there is no need for you to buy a new one; this pillow cover should be enough to meet your comfort and aesthetic needs. Its cotton blend linen perfectly emulates the feeling of Mongolian fur, making it a joy to use.

PHANTOSCOPE Decorative New Luxury Series...
1,716 Reviews
PHANTOSCOPE Decorative New Luxury Series...
  • Made of High Grade Polyester
  • Size: 18 x 18 inch, 45cm x 45cm
  • Package Include Throw Pillow Cover

This pillow covers even come with color matching “invisible zippers” that makes inserting and removing the pillow incredibly easy. Oh! Cleaning is a breeze too as you get the option to either dry clean or machine clean.

Phantoscope Decorative Merino Style White Fur

Last on our list of the best Mongolian faux pillow covers, comes a product from the renowned company, Phantoscope. With over 600 positive reviews on Amazon, this item has successfully become one of the best-selling in the market. So, what separates this from the others in our review?

PHANTOSCOPE Decorative New Luxury Series...
1,716 Reviews
PHANTOSCOPE Decorative New Luxury Series...
  • Made of High Grade Polyester
  • Size: 18 x 18 inch, 45cm x 45cm
  • Package Include Throw Pillow Cover

Nothing really. It’s just that this pillow cover does many things better. Its soft white fur made of cotton and polyester blend make it ultra comfortable while the hidden zipper closure gives you added convenience. The company recommends that you machine wash this in cold water, with a delicate cycle. You should definitely try this out!

What’s your favorite?

Now that we’ve given you our honest opinion on the best Mongolian fur and faux fur pillows, which one are you planning to buy? Let us just remind you that you can’t go wrong with any because each of them has their own uniqueness.

Don’t wait any longer; go ahead and buy one right now!

What is Mongolian Fur Made Of?

You might be wondering what Mongolian sheepskin, fur, or wool exactly is and how it’s made or produced?

Mongolian fur is mainly sheared wool from lamb/sheep and sometimes yaks. With over 30+ million livestock, Mongolia is rich in high quality animal products and is one of the major exporters of cashmere, wool, and other materials.

Being a country with extreme temperatures of hot and cold, Mongolian animals have adapted to the climate and usually grow fur during winter and shed during the summer, hence instead of letting their warm and fuzzy fur go to waste, most Mongolian nomads shear their wool during the summer and sell it in order to make a living.

Is Mongolian Fur Cruel or Inhumane?

In most cases, Mongolian nomads don’t necessarily slaughter the animal to get their fur, instead they are bound by a rope and sheared from head to toe.

Some may think it’s inhumane or cruel nonetheless, but instead of letting the animals suffer during the hot season due to excessive wool and fur, shearing them prevents the animals from being hot and miserable during the summer. With the excess padding gone, they are much more comfortable and free.

What is Sheep Wool Used For?

While goat cashmere and sheep wool are used for fashion on certain occasions (jackets, coats, and scarves), one of the most common uses is for keeping warmth. In fact, the traditional Mongolian Ger is made out of sheep wool! Lamb fur acts as an insulator and is a great material for keeping the ger warm during the cold winter months.

The traditional nomad deel is also stuffed with fur and wool on the inside, which helps nomads keep warm when it’s cold, and the feeling on your skin is just absolutely amazing!

Other than those common uses, sheep wool, are also used to make decorative household items such as fur rugs, throws, and blankets. They are great to have during the winter as it’s cozy, warm, and just perfect for snuggling.

How Eco-Friendly is It?

Not only is Mongolian lamb fur and wool very eco-friendly and biodegradable, buying any related products is a good way to support the local economy and nomads who work hard in producing the material.

Mongolia is a developing country and nomads out in the countryside don’t necessarily live a comfortable lifestyle, for some, it’s a means to support their family.

Mongolian livestock are raised very differently than traditional farms and animal houses. They are free to graze the open countryside and are attended to with great care. The highest quality wool, fur, diary products, and meat are produced in Mongolia because of the fact that the animals are raised humanely and healthily.

What Makes It Unique?

If we compare the Mongolian sheep or lamb with sheep and lamb from other parts of the world, you will realize that their fur is more thicker, softer, and a lot more shaggier. This is mainly because of the extreme Mongolian climate and the adapted traits that the animals tend to have.

unite down 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Fur...
26 Reviews
unite down 100% Real Mongolian Lamb Fur...
  • 1.Material: Front side 100% Curly Lamb Fur, Natural, Beautiful; Back side polyester.
  • Size: 24x24inch.
  • Designed: Hidden Zipper closure for easy care. Pillow inner not included.

Which makes for one of the highest quality pillow throws, blankets, rugs, and coats. It’s like running your hands through soft fluffy pieces of clouds. They shaggy texture also gives it some character and perhaps a life of its own!

How To Clean and Wash Mongolian Fur Properly?

Because of the sensitive nature of the material, you will have to maintain it properly by keeping it away from scenarios where you could get them stained. Here are some ways you can clean them in case you do get them dirty.

Spot Cleaning

For minor and smaller stains, you could just grab a piece of cloth dabbed in non-enzyme or bleach free cleaner detergent and wash away the stain.

Machine Washing

Though machine washing is never recommended, IFF you have no other option, keep the water temperature on very low heat, and never use tumble dry; that will ruin the fabric.

It’s best recommended to just bring it to a dry cleaner and a washing center that specializes in sensitive material for a full and safe wash.


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