What is Mongolia Known For?

What is Mongolia Known For?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mongolia? Maybe you have watched some documentaries or read something about Chinggis Khaan; for the most part most people who have never been to Mongolia think of the following things.

Grasslands and Steppes

kids riding horses.The most common first impression of Mongolia is the open fields and steppes where nomads get to roam free. While it’s true to most extent, Mongolia is not only endless steppes. The northern province Khusvgul is known for dense forests, the west for its mountainous ranges, and the south for its desert.

Nomads Who Ride Horses Everywhere

mongolian nomads wearing deelIn most documentaries, you have nomads riding the open fields herding their animals. Many Mongolians still opt to choose the simpler lifestyle instead of living in a bigger city. However, throughout the years, Mongolia has been developing rapidly and urbanizing.

High Quality Cashmere

mongolian man and woman wearing the deelMongolia has one of the finest cashmere products in the world. For the past few years, most of Mongolian cashmere was sold locally, however, with the help of Naadam and Gobi (2 big cashmere brands from Mongolia), only recently has the world started to enjoy Mongolian cashmere.

Warriors and Wrestlers

asashiro sumo wrestler

If you are familiar with Naidan Tuvshinbayar or Sumo, you will know that Mongolia is known best for wrestling and sumo when it comes to sports. Even in movies and cartoons, Mongolians are portrayed as scary warriors, big and tough.

Protein Rich Foods

mongolian cooking pot
Photo: caak.mn

And the reason why Mongolians are hardy and tend to be more stockier compared with other Asians is because of the protein rich foods. Locals consume great amounts of organic diary and meats. As a nomadic country with over 30 million stock animals, there is plenty of protein to go around.

Chinggis Khaan

chinggis khaanAnd who can forget, Chinggis Khaan, or Genghis Khan as some spell it. He is known for creating the biggest land empires in history. Depending the educational system, Chinggis Khaan is a controversial figure. Some think he is a barbarian who brought nothing but destruction, while others argue he made a profound impact for the greater in the world. Read about his contributions and history in detail here.

For a sense of perspective, he is no more different than previous conquerors such as Julius Caesar, Alexander, Charlemagne, etc. It depends where people learned their history.