Packing The Essentials When Traveling To Mongolia

Dictionary – Most Mongolians do not speak English, maybe a few words here and there, so it’s always a good idea to bring a dictionary with you. You can download an app or use google translate. Try picking up this book by Lonely Planet for learning basics of the language.

Make sure to check out my article on the Mongolian language as well.

Gifts – If you are visiting a host family or a friend, make sure to bring small gifts from your home country. Mongolians like to exchange gifts no matter how big or small.

Unless you want to fry your computer, phone, etc buy one of these. It converts 110V to 220V. If you don’t have and adapter, sometimes you won’t even be able to plug in.

For Backpackers and Budget Travelers

First time backpacker or traveling on a small budget? It’s best to pack light and clothes you will mainly wear. Trust me, you don’t even end up wearing or using most of the stuff you bring with you. You should buy miscellaneous items such as toothpaste, shampoo etc once you arrive.

I have found sturdy backpacks with wheels to be so much more easier and hassle free. Especially when you are waiting at the airport or crossing the border. You can use it as a suitcase whilst also using it as a backpack!

Packing For The Weather and The Season

Spring – Spring is usually windy and it does get cold. Temperatures usually range from -10*C to 15*C. It’s best to pack some long sleeves, a warm jacket, and jeans / pants.

Summer – Although it’s summer, besides t-shirts, sunscreen, and shorts (usual summer clothes) you should also pack some clothes similar to spring. The weather is very fickle. Temperatures can sometimes reach 40*C, but during the night it can get very chilly.

Fall – The fall season in Mongolia is windy, rainy, and sometimes it can even snow. During September and October, some days can be hot, around 25*C, but during the night you better wear a jacket and some pants.

Winter – If you don’t have winter boots, check out my article on Mongolian Uggs. You need warm boots, hat, scarf, a winter coat, and double layer pants. If you will be staying in Ulaanbaatar, it’s recommended to bring a medical mask for the air pollution.

The Uggs were a big trend in Mongolia during 2009. It goes well with Mongolian style and look. It’s really warm too!