Why Mongolian Clothes Are Badass

If you are not familiar with traditional Mongolian clothes, you will discover that they are the most practical and most badass type of clothes you will ever see and wear.

It’s built for durability

Nomads need clothes that are functional and practical hence the deels that nomads wear are made of quality wool and cashmere. You can expose it to heat, the cold, make it wet, and pretty much anything imaginable but they hold up their own against a lot of things.

This however does not apply to decorative deels and traditional Mongolian clothes that are worn only once in a while because cashmere, silk, and finer materials are easy to spoil.

The Manliest Dress You Will Ever Wear

a nomad riding a horseWho said dresses were for only women, the deel looks badass and awesome on anyone regardless of gender. If you have shiny belts, boots, and a cowboy hat to go along with the look, put them on, because the Mongolian cowboys are coming to town!

Mongolian Fur & Wool Rocks

Mongolian wool made from authentic sheep wool are durable, comfortable and exceptionally warm. Winters in Mongolia can reach up to -40 degrees celcius so that says something about how well Mongolian fur can retain heat in harsh conditions.

It’s great for decoration at home as well. You have fur rugs, pillows and ornaments that look amazing. If you ever visit a Kazakh ger, it will be decoarted in the most spectacular way possible.