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Hello, I am Orgil, a Mongolian, and I love sharing things about Mongolia’s culture, language, and history. On my website, you will find articles on Mongolian culture, travel experiences around the world, philosophical ideas, and some tips and tricks when it comes to travelling, so hope you enjoy.

Why I Started This Blog About Mongolia

People seem to have a lot of misinformation when it comes to Mongolian language, culture, and its people. After having spent 9-10 years abroad, most people who I met during my travels didn’t know much about it or had it confused with Inner Mongolia, or Chinese/East Asian history and culture.

Hence, with this blog I hope to bring a better understanding of Mongolia and help people who wish to study more about Mongolian culture. While I don’t consider myself a sociologist, anthropologist, or a philosopher by any means, this is what I do for fun and as a hobby.

A Little About Orgil

I love learning different languages, cultures, and of course, travelling. For a few years during my early childhood I used to live as a nomad, but had to move to Sweden for reasons that were beyond my control, and ever since, I have been mostly on the go living/travelling to different countries.

While I considered myself as just your typical Mongolian, you may realize some of my views and outlook on life are a bit different compared to other Mongolians, hence do know that some of my blog articles will deviate from what people might expect.

In this life experience, it’s my lifelong goal to travel the world and develop better communities in underprivileged/underdeveloped regions throughout the world. Love conquers all!

Other than travelling and learning, singing, fitness, and technology are a few other passions of mine. If interested check out a few of my songs:

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How You Can Help With This Blog

If you know aspects of Mongolian culture in depth, I would love to have you as an author and a contributor on my website and perhaps Youtube videos. We could perhaps work on some amazing content; things people will enjoy reading and watching. Please contact me if so!

Or, you are welcome to suggest any topics and ideas that you think people might find interesting. I love reading people’s comments and feedback on my Facebook page, and Instagram, so let’s get connected 🙂

Accepting Donations?

If you’re feeling generous, donations are always welcome because it allows me to make more time to dedicate towards my website and blog, rather than other types of work that put food on the table.

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Hopefully in the future, this blog will provide a means to do the things I love and enjoy so that I can share all that I can with you guys and the world.

Thank you and blessings to you all!