Learn: How to Speak Mongolian

Learning how to speak Mongolian can be a challenge if you have never learned any other languages before. Especially for non Altaic/Mongolic language speakers, some of the sounds, vowels, pronunciations, and grammar structure may seem alien to you.

Steps to Learning Mongolian

  • First and foremost you need to get comfortable with the Cyrillic alphabet and the pronunciation. You really need to practice some of the more unique sounds that are more guttural and harsh throaty sounds. The Mongolian language is a mix of both soft and tender vowels mixed with harsh grating consonants.
  • Learn the basics of the grammar structure. Mongolian is SOV language, so for English speakers and people who are accustomed to SVO langues, it might take some time to get used to switching the verbs and objects. For example: He went biking would be He biking went (Ter duguidah gej yavsan)
  • Conjugations and past, present, and future tenses will come next. Compared to some other languages Mongolian past, present, and future tenses are similar and you don’t have to memorize as much grammar rules, however, if you want to be able to speak fluently without, you will need to master more advanced stuff.
  • Slangs and improving your accent will be the final step. There are certain slangs within Mongolia which are not necessarily implied directly and means something completely different,  like many other countries. Unlike big countries with a large population, there isn’t much regional Mongolian accents within Mongolia.

Resources for Learning the Mongolian Language

If you haven’t checked out my Youtube channel, check it out down below. And you can always get my eBook for basics of the Mongolian language HERE.