Choosing The Right Mongolian Pillow

When it comes to decorating your home similar to Mongolian gers and Mongolian household, a fur pillow cover is one of the most important things to add a bit of jazz and life into your home.

Being a nomadic country with nomadic cultural roots, fur is the top choice for deels and other types of clothes to keep Mongolians warm during the winter season. So let’s talk about how you can choose the correct fur pillow

Do You Prefer Faux or Authentic Fur?

Usuaully faux fur is much cheaper than authentic fur however the feeling is a lot different. Obviously Mongolian wool and fur feels softer and more comfortable on the skin, however, if you are allergic to dust and animal products it’s best to avoid them and instead opt for the faux fur.

Faux fur is often made with polyester and other generic material so they are easier to wash and maintain. They look pretty much like the real deal so there isn’t much difference looks wise, however if you actually prefer to cuddle with the pillows it’s recommended to get the real authentic Mongolian pillows.

Get the sizing correctly

You would be surprised how many people don’t consider the size of their pillow before buying a cover sheet. Mongolian fur pillows can actually make the pillows look actually larger and bigger than it actually is due to the nature of fur texture. Expect your pillow to look a bit bigger once you put on a fur cover.

Washing Mongolian Fur

The best way to wash Mongolian faux fur and real fur is to hand wash them in cold water instead of using the washing machine. By washing it in cold water and in gentle fashion you are making sure that it does not lose its color and its texture. This maintains the lifespan of the product.

Some Brands Are Not Authentic

When choosing certain brands in stores and online, make sure they are actually authentic and imported from Mongolia. Some will say they are authentic, but please do you research before purchasing. Because some brands will advertise as being authentic and originally from Mongolia, but they can sometimes be fake or conterfeit.