From a young age it is hard not to be exposed to different types of music and throughout our development phase we tend to listen to songs that connect with us and resonate with how we feel at that specific moment.

However, if we are not careful what happens is that we associate those feelings with our identity and sooner or later it become a part of our identity, hence we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again in order to feel the same way have conditioned ourselves to feel.

Your First Heartbreak and Music

I am sure most of us have been there. When we have our hearts broken for the first time, certain types of music just start to speak to us, mainly love songs. The lyrics, the tune, and the overall message somehow connect with us on a deeper level.

In a way, we feel good, we feel as if though someone understands our pain, the struggle we are going through. So, in order to feel good again, or at least not alone in our misery, we put on headphones again and blast the music full volume again and again until we somehow feel a bit better.

Now, you do need to feel the emotions, the pain, and the hurt fully, but don’t allow that to take over you and make you repeat the same cycle over and over again. Because if you are not aware of it, you will seek out experiences and situations where you will have your heart broken again in order to connect with those songs deeply and intimately again in some level.

Have you ever wondered why Taylor Swift keeps breaking up over and over again, well maybe she is repeating the same pattern over and over again in order to produce her latest music, hence those breakup experiences serve as an inspiration for her.

Artistic Creation and Vision

You might have also noticed that a lot of artists are troubled or don’t have healthy relationships. At the very best, they have relationships/marriages that make you raise your eyebrow.

They have conditioned their mind to draw inspiration from events and experiences that make them feel the same way. Hence a lot of artists live in a perpetual cycle of similar behavioural patterns. Unless those artists go in a different direction and experiment with different moods, genres, and theme, their creation in essence becomes their identity and is a reflection of the lives those artists live.

I am not bashing on artists, but it’s sad and unfortunate that they have to draw emotional abuse on themselves in order to provide us the art.

However, might have also noticed that there are some artists who just glow with love, innocence, and positivity. Those types of musicians and artists most probably make produce uplifting songs, music, and art, hence their artwork is a direct reflection of what kind of person they are and the kind of life they live.

Should You Stop Listenting To Sad Songs All Together?

That’s not really necessarily, because in some cases you will go through moments and experiences that make you feel a certain way. Connecting deeply with music and songs is a beautiful thing and is one of the gifts of life, but just don’t wallow in pain and sorrow forever.

You need to feel it to heal it, but once the process is done. Do not purposely try to repeat the experience and recreate those feelings again just so that you can connect with the music again.

Once you’ve cried your eyes out, once there is nothing else to feel, let it go and lay down those sad melancholic music. Let it rest. It is far more healthier and beneficial to listen to songs that are uplifting and positive for your regular tunes and jams.