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It’s funny reading through the book The Way of The Superior Man and realizing everything you have been doing wrong in the past. I guess things are 20 20 in hindsight, but it’s the choices we make when it comes to the future that we really learn to be the masters of our destiny.

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual...
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The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual...
  • David Deida
  • Publisher: Sounds True
  • Edition no. 0 (02/01/2017)

Who Should Read The Book?

Basically anyone can read it, because it gives such a good insight into the workings of a masculine man, which most of men are. If you are a female and want to understand why men do the things men do and perhaps salvage your marriage or relationship, you could read the book to be more self aware of not only your significant other, but yourself as a female as well.

This is also good for same sex couples because, it’s not classified by male and female, but more about masculine and feminine energies and how that affects relationships between people. But please have an open mind of some unscientific approach to some of the reasoning the author might have.

A Man’s Purpose Comes First

The workings of feminine nature is really interesting. Because feminine nature as the book descibes wants love and committment while at the same time, knowing that the masculine has the capacity and the option of leaving them.

Hence, if you are a masculine man at your core, you can never stray from your goal and purpose in life. Whatever your purpose is, whether it is teaching, to racing cars, you have to live your purpose day in and day out.

But you might be wondering, what the heck is life’s purpise?

I won’t deny that it takes some time to figure it out, and some people never do, but the answer lies in trying different things in life and following that which gives you pleasure and joy, something that just clicks within your inner soul.

But you will sometimes also realize that you can complete/finish your purpose at a point in your life and have to find a new one. So there are layers of them where you slowly unfold each one.

The Fallacy of The One and Soulmate

Now this is the idea that has been sold to us by Hollywood and the media. It takes a while for us to get free of the conditioning of the notion of romantic or idealistic love, because in practice, the idealized version of love we see in most movies does not have any application in real life.

In fact, the more you try to apply those beliefs into the real world, the more damaging in can be to your relationships. I can’t count the many times I thought chasing after someone and confessing my undying love would make them change their minds. Predictably, things did not work out the way I imagined.

Reason being, feminine nature does not trust the core of the masculine if it is not grounded in something greater beyond just idealized love.

Feminine nature in fact wants to feel your strength that you do not put anyone on a pedastal and that you actually fearlessly go after what it is you want ouf of life. Now of course, you probably know a lot of couples who are in happy relationships where the masculine does not have much ambition, but sooner or later, the infutuation wears off, and that’s when things are really tested.

Do You Want a Friend, Business Partner or A Lover?

This part of the book was the most mind blowing piece ever. Because if you are masculine man who wants a satisfying relationship with a feminine woman, you can’t have it all in one.

Because different energies are in play here, and the things you discuss with your friends about philosophy, history and other topics are neutral in sexual energy, so you can indeed really like someone as a person and their mind, but often times you can also find yourself not particularly sexually attracted to someone.

There needs to be polarity of masculine and feminine energies for greater sexual attraction. So wanting a best friend, who is also a business partner whilst at the same time being your lover is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Which goes against everything I’ve been lead to believe, because in modern day culture, we are told to find someone who we can talk to about anything, communicate, whilst being each other’s best friends, but sadly you can’t have it all. Looking at most couples, it is now making sense why some people lose that sexual attraction they once had for one another over time, because with the shift of their sexual energies, the polarity between the feminine and the masculine does not exist anymore.

Prepare To Be Tested Each Step of The Way

If you are a masculine man at your heart and core, then you must be prepared to deal with a shitstorm of everchanging emotions and uncertainty from the feminine. As the masculine energy, we are the stable, rational, and centered confidence the feminine needs to feel comfortable and secure.

Whenever you doubt yourself, whenever you lose confidence and direction, the more the tests will come your way to see whether you are still the masculine energy the feminine can trust and follow.

So whenever, you are faced with resistance from your partner or feelings of unappreciation, it is not that they don’t appreciate your accomplishments or the things you do, but as the masculine you must know deep within that you don’t need the approval of the feminine to feel appreciated and worthy.

The reaction of your partner should not determine how happy and accomplished you feel about your successes in life, because you must have the capacity as the masculine to feel successful and proud even without the approval of your partner.

The more you know your worth and value from deep withing from your inner core, the more you will be appreciated and loved oddly.

We are taught and conditioned to believe that our partners are the people we must trust and rely one when things get tough, and while a good partner will raise you up and challenge you along the way, remember that it is not the nature of the feminine to lead your way and cradle you.

As the masculine, we have to light our own way in the times of darkness and challenge.

The Masculine Gives, while the Feminine Receives

Ever wonder why as men, we have more of a tendancy to be violent aggresive, and on a grander scale, the builders of civilizations and empires?

Well, because as the masculine, our energies are made to come from our core, from the within to be released into the world. We are basically in a sense fucking the world. We are fucking the world and releasing parts of ourself into the world.

Ever wonder why women have more of a tendancy to like finer and nicer things in life? The feminine on the hand is made to receive and behold the beauty of their surroundings.

Looking back now, it makes a lot of sense why I had not trouble with the most basics of living. Everything I had served a purpose and had a practical reason for being there, from the clothes I wore, to the furniture I had, but my girlfriends always found a reason to decorate things that no rational or practical value.

However, this does not mean that we are always 100% masculine or 100% feminine in our energies, because we have different levels in different areas of life. It’s about finding our inner core and accepting that inner core if we are to live a truly a satisfying life with satisfying relationships.

If you have not already, The Way of The Superior Man is a must read for most men.