Best Hotels in Ulaanbaatar – 2018


The Shangir-La hotel in Ulaanbaatar was built pretty recently and is equipped with mostly modern technology, architectural design, and feel. When you walk into the Shangri-La building you will see many young kids and professoinal enjoying their time.

The building itself is not just a hotel, but it’s a complex building that’s connected to each other, so you will have very easy access to Urgoo movie theatre, the Shangri-La shopping mall, and some other boutiques and restaurants just a few steps away.

The location is amazing as well. It’s just a few minutes walk from the Sukhbaatar Square and other amazing restaurants around the area!

Being a 5 star hotel, it won’t be easy on your pocket, because the usual rooms are $200-300/night, however, the luxury and all the other bonuses could be well worth the price.

Western Premier /Tuushin Hotel

The Tuushin Hotel in Ulaanbaatar is also one of the bigger brand names in Ulaanbaatar. You will see both Mongolians and foreigners alike stayin for a few nights and perhaps could make yourself a few Mongolian friends during your stay.

From the outside, Tuushin might look a bit boring since it’s just a tall rectangle, but who really cares about how it looks on the outside, as long as the inside is good.

The location is amazing, since it’s situated in a narrow street that’s not as busy, outside traffic noise is better comparatively with Blue Sky hotel and Shangri-La hotel (if noise is an important factor when making your decision).

A night in Tuushin hotel is around $150 in one of the standard rooms, and of course, you will be getting the 5-star experience.

Blue Sky Hotel

The Blue Sky tower is one of the tallest buildings in Mongolia, and if you are lucky enough to have your hotel on one of the top floors, you can see the whole of Ulaanbaatar.

Blue Sky hotel is similar to Shangri-La hotel because restaurants, boutiques etc are just a few steps away from your room. Though it’s not as new as Shangri-La, it’s still very clean and modern.

The Sukhbaatar Square is right outside, so the Blue Sky hotel has one of THE best locations. The musical theatre is just 1 or 2 minutes of walk, and if you want to watch a movie, Urgoo Cinema is 3 or so minutes of walk.

Althought it’s a 5 star hotel, you it’s a bit cheaper and easier on your pocket. Usual rates for a single room is around $100-$150 depending on the season, how booked it is.

Holiday Inn

It hasn’t been long since Holiday Inn launched in Mongolia. It’s one of the first well known American brands to open in Ulaanbaatar. Once you walk inside the building it will almost feel like home for the American visitors and tourists.

While it may feel homely and perhaps more familiar for some people, the location is a little far out. Located in the north-western part of Ulaanbaatar, depending on traffic it could take you 20 or so minutes to get to the city center with a taxi.

However, it’s still close to some interesting places like the shopping district towards the 3-4th district, and the Tengis movie theatre.

Don’t be fooled by the 2 star hotel status, because the facility, cleanliness, and service is just on par with the Shangri-La and Blue Sky hotel. The price speaks for itself, since a night in Holiday inn in Ulaanbaatar can be $100.

Chinggis Khaan Hotel

A bit tired of the 5 star hotel trend, well why not try a 4 star hotel that has almost the same level, if not, a higher quality hotel like Chinggis Khaan hotel.

Chinggis Khaan hotel near Sky shopping mall, is one of the well established hotel Brands in Mongolia and has been around for decades. It’s a hotel with its own unique brand name and management.

Thinking of planning your wedding in Mongolia? Well why not host it in Chinggis Khaan wedding ceremony hall. It can house around 100 or so people and the wedding hall is just a few steps outside your hotel room.

Location is still pretty decent, because you’re not too far away from the city center. You can catch the bus for 3 or so stops until you reach the city center, or a taxi for 5-10 minutes. If you want, you could even walk to the city center and enjoy the Selbe River view as you walk. At a reasonable pace, it will take you 25 or minutes of walking.

For a standard room, prices vary from $120-$200, so it’s still a hefty price tag for a 4 star hotel room, but if want a Mongolian hotel experience, Chinggis Khaan Hotel is for you.

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