Being A Mongolian Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad is not just one of those things you decide to become. It takes a lot of dedication, time and effort to be able to live a lifestyle you want. People have this wrong idea of becoming a digital nomad and live the life, however, most people fail to realize that it takes a lot of planning, preparation, and will to make it happen.

Making your intentions clear

If you decide to become a digital marketer you have to make your intentions clear from day one, otherwise you are just fooling yourself with a cool label in order to brag to other people, but that is not necessarily how it works.

Becoming a digital nomad is not about the labels nor the prestige that comes with being your own boss, but you have to have a reason for choosing a career or field that is not as common.

There must be an underlying reason for choosing a profession that is not so clear cut for people to understand. Some people who are closest to you will not understand what exactly you do and because of that they will try to dissuade from achieving your goals, but don’t listen to them. You have to make your intent clear and focused to achive success.

Avoiding the stereotype of a digital nomad

I came across many people who called themselves a digital nomad who didn’t know what they were doing. In a way it is reckless to just give up your job with no savings, no experience, and just believe that everything is going to be okay.

Don’t be the stereotype of a digital nomad who goes around the world on very little and living such a restrictive life. Though you may be lured by the idea of sipping on cocktails while laying on the beach, the sad truth is that not many people have the financial freedom to sit back and do nothing.

Learning a skill that businesses need

If you are serious about travelling the world and earning a good living, then you need learn skills that other people are willing to pay you for. Maybe you are good at writing, maybe you are good at building websites; whatever the case may be get good at a skill that other people are willing to pay you for.

This goes against everything college has taught us or made us believe, because most of the stuff we learn in college does not have any real applicable value; they are mostly filler and theorertical nonsense.

When you become so good that other people hear about your quality of work and what you can do, in a way you can establish your little niche. Recently I had the CEO from reach out to me in helping them get more exposure on search engines and online.

Scaling your business effectively

I suppose I am at this stage now where I have to find way to scale my business so that it becomes an automated process that makes money by itself. While you do have to work your ass of for the business to get off the ground, there will come a time where you just won’t have enough time to get everything running smoothly at higher revenues.

You will need to hire the right people and start automating some of the processes to softwares and tools that can make things more easier for you. Those tools cost a lot of money, but if you really want to scale it to million dollar businesses, you have to find ways to scale it and automate the process without it taking a lot of your time.

Working for a greater vision

While having a job that you can do from anywhere feels like a dream to most people, there comes a time where you want to also use your skills to develop businesses that you are passionate about. Something that you care about and want to bring into the world.

At first you may do work or have clients that you may not necessarily like, but as time goes on and things stabilize, you have the freedom of working on projects and working with clients you like.