From a young age it is hard not to be exposed to different types of music and throughout our development phase we tend to listen to songs that connect with us and resonate with how we feel at that specific moment.

However, if we are not careful what happens is that we associate those feelings with our identity and sooner or later it become a part of our identity, hence we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again in order to feel the same way have conditioned ourselves to feel.

Your First Heartbreak and Music

I am sure most of us have been there. When we have our hearts broken for the first time, certain types of music just start to speak to us, mainly love songs. The lyrics, the tune, and the overall message somehow connect with us on a deeper level.

In a way, we feel good, we feel as if though someone understands our pain, the struggle we are going through. So, in order to feel good again, or at least not alone in our misery, we put on headphones again and blast the music full volume again and again until we somehow feel a bit better.

Now, you do need to feel the emotions, the pain, and the hurt fully, but don’t allow that to take over you and make you repeat the same cycle over and over again. Because if you are not aware of it, you will seek out experiences and situations where you will have your heart broken again in order to connect with those songs deeply and intimately again in some level.

Have you ever wondered why Taylor Swift keeps breaking up over and over again, well maybe she is repeating the same pattern over and over again in order to produce her latest music, hence those breakup experiences serve as an inspiration for her.

Artistic Creation and Vision

You might have also noticed that a lot of artists are troubled or don’t have healthy relationships. At the very best, they have relationships/marriages that make you raise your eyebrow.

They have conditioned their mind to draw inspiration from events and experiences that make them feel the same way. Hence a lot of artists live in a perpetual cycle of similar behavioural patterns. Unless those artists go in a different direction and experiment with different moods, genres, and theme, their creation in essence becomes their identity and is a reflection of the lives those artists live.

I am not bashing on artists, but it’s sad and unfortunate that they have to draw emotional abuse on themselves in order to provide us the art.

However, might have also noticed that there are some artists who just glow with love, innocence, and positivity. Those types of musicians and artists most probably make produce uplifting songs, music, and art, hence their artwork is a direct reflection of what kind of person they are and the kind of life they live.

Should You Stop Listenting To Sad Songs All Together?

That’s not really necessarily, because in some cases you will go through moments and experiences that make you feel a certain way. Connecting deeply with music and songs is a beautiful thing and is one of the gifts of life, but just don’t wallow in pain and sorrow forever.

You need to feel it to heal it, but once the process is done. Do not purposely try to repeat the experience and recreate those feelings again just so that you can connect with the music again.

Once you’ve cried your eyes out, once there is nothing else to feel, let it go and lay down those sad melancholic music. Let it rest. It is far more healthier and beneficial to listen to songs that are uplifting and positive for your regular tunes and jams.

One things is for certain in life; you will face opposition and challenges from people. Whether they are from your friends, family, or strangers it’s mostly the same. Their snickering comments, narrow perspectives, “realistic” ideas. Now some of them may have some words of wisdom and may see things with understanding and acceptance, but the truth is, most people are afraid of change, whether it is within you or within their environment.

While it may be a little hard to accept, people don’t actually want what’s best for you; they don’t want you to self-actualize and grow. They’re just fooling themselves into believing that they are looking out for what’s best for you by giving their “realistic” advice.

However, there is a good way to find out if someone really cares for you or whether they are just thinking of how your actions will only affect their lives. A good friend, parent, or spouse will want you to be your best and do the things you love even if it means they have a lot to lose.

A true friend will never hold you back, even if it means they will never see you again, they’ll still want what’s best for you and want you to realize your potential, just like Chuckie from Good Will Hunting.

Cynicism and Being Jaded

Now that you know true friends from friends out of benefit, let’s move go a little deeper.

While idealism and optimism are all noble traits to have in oneself, protect it, guard it, because not everyone wants you to aspire to those ideals.

I’ll admit that I always wanted to see the good in people and trusted people I barely knew, but with enough experience and hurt, you’ll realize not everyone shares your beliefs and values. Given enough time for your idealism and romanticism about life to be crushed and ridiculed by other people, it’s hard not to be a cynic and jaded, but you have to pick yourself up from that pit of depression and see things for how it is while at the same time still aspiring to those ideals you have.

Though you may no longer fall in love, make new friends, and trust people as easily, your love and trust for people will be more grounded and mature with a better a foundation. You’ll start to see people for who they actually are rather than who you think they are.

Scorpion wants to cross a river, but he can’t swim. Goes to the frog, who can, and asks for a ride. Frog says, “If I give you a ride on my back, you’ll go and sting me.” Scorpion replies, “It would not be in my interest to sting you since as I’ll be on your back we both would drown.” Frog thinks about this logic for a while and accepts the deal. Takes the scorpion on his back. Braves the waters. Halfway over feels a burning spear in his side and realizes the scorpion has stung him after all. And as they both sink beneath the waves the frog cries out, “Why did you sting me, Mr. Scorpion, for now we both will drown?” Scorpion replies, “I can’t help it, it’s in my nature.”

Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning. One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process he was stung. He went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell in. The monk saved the scorpion and was again stung. The other monk asked him, “Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it’s nature is to sting?”

The two stories above hopefully illustrate my point. You can’t change other people’s nature and what they are, but you can accept that is who they are and still hope for their well being regardless. You have full control whether you want to surround yourself with scorpions and get stung, or a different environment with people of a different nature.

When you play by other people’s rules, you’ll only lose!

Each individual has their own set of beliefs and values, perhaps it was adopted from their parents, friends, teachers, or from the media, but regardless, you can’t change people’s values and beliefs as much as you try unless they themselves want to change.

How does this relate with playing by other people’s rules? Well, many people you will come across in life will want you to believe in what they believe in, for you to see things as they see it, but if those things are not in alignment with how you see your life and what you believe in, there is sure to be friction.

Societies, countries, and communities are built in such a way to favour the people in power immunity while at the same time making it harder for the peopel down below to really see beyond the surface. Although times have changed compared to hundreds of years ago, the basic principle of social hierarchy still applies.

The reason why social shame, social expectation exists is because if everyone else buys into the idea, the belief that certain things are just the way it’s supposed to be without question, because those are “the rules” then you are limiting yourself, because those rules exist to keep people in line.

So go out there and broaden your horizon. Travel, talk to people, and start to actually live!

One of the things that has always boggled me is whether to remain humble or to let people know that you are better than them. Now to some, the answer may be obvious, or you already have your mind made up already regarding the topic, however, I have always found nuance in both spectrums.

When growing up people will tell you to be respectful, nice, and considerate of others, however, is it due to other people’s insecurities? Our parents, teachers, and friends would not necessary want us to be making trouble by offending other people or seen being disrespectful because in a way our actions will affect their social standing.

Is it moreso a way for the people around you to control who you are and make you conform to their standards? But why is it considered wrong to feel you are better than other people because you possess a talent, a skill that other people don’t have?

While someone who is truly confident in his or her abilities does not have to trumpet how great they are at whatever it is they are good at, how should you balance between wanting to be recognized and known for your skills and talents vs someone is humble and modest.

In a room full of strangers or perhaps even with some of our quiet friends, some of them may have great accomplishments that you and I do not know about. If they were to mention it or be boastful about it, wouldn’t we feel a little sense of respect and awe, assuming the accomplishments/skills are grand?

In the book, Ego is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday, it actually talks about this dilemma. It states that in order to become a true master of a specific craft, you have to let go of the need to be recognized and praised.

Ego Is the Enemy
1,052 Reviews
Ego Is the Enemy
  • Portfolio
  • Ryan Holiday
  • Publisher: Portfolio

But, isn’t the need to be recognized and praised exactly the reasons why most of us do the things we do? We are social creatures and praise/attention in a way encourages us to try harder to become even greater at what we do.

What if the people who tell you to be humble and respectful are the ones with low self-esteem? Or what if the belief that we must be humble and modest is actually due to low self-esteem within ourselves?

A confident person would have no trouble commanding attention and respect; while some may perceive it as arrogance and cockiness, what if it’s a reflection of their own self-worth to pass such judgments? Someone with a healthy self-esteem won’t be threatened or feel less about themselves because you happen to be a good singer, dancer, athlete, etc.

On a bigger note, what if you are objectively smarter, hard-working, and overall just better than someone, what is the fine line between self-assured sense of superiority vs inferiority complex.

Because in a way, some people like to believe they are better than other people in order to make up for their deficiencies, but in some cases, that’s not necessarily true.

I don’t personally think there is anything wrong with Elon Musk stating that he is better than 99.99% of the world overall. Why? Because he revolutionized the automobile industry, and is one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century, so I can clearly accept that he is better than me in general, perhaps not in everything, but overall as a whole, Elon Musk is more successful, acclaimed, and wealthier than anyone who is reading this post.

Now taking that premise of “overall” aspect of someone being better than other people, is it such a bad thing to feel that you are overall better than some people you might come across?

Of course it would be unwise to rub it in their faces, but maybe we are putting a false sense of humbleness and modesty because that is what we have been trained to do from a young age.

If you have always downplayed yourself or used self-depreciation to fit in with others, maybe it’s time to try something new and find new friends who don’t feel threatened by your accomplishments and skills. Because if you are good at something and overall better than most people, why hold yourself back? Something to think about.

It’s funny reading through the book The Way of The Superior Man and realizing everything you have been doing wrong in the past. I guess things are 20 20 in hindsight, but it’s the choices we make when it comes to the future that we really learn to be the masters of our destiny.

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual...
2,867 Reviews
The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual...
  • David Deida
  • Publisher: Sounds True
  • Edition no. 0 (02/01/2017)

Who Should Read The Book?

Basically anyone can read it, because it gives such a good insight into the workings of a masculine man, which most of men are. If you are a female and want to understand why men do the things men do and perhaps salvage your marriage or relationship, you could read the book to be more self aware of not only your significant other, but yourself as a female as well.

This is also good for same sex couples because, it’s not classified by male and female, but more about masculine and feminine energies and how that affects relationships between people. But please have an open mind of some unscientific approach to some of the reasoning the author might have.

A Man’s Purpose Comes First

The workings of feminine nature is really interesting. Because feminine nature as the book descibes wants love and committment while at the same time, knowing that the masculine has the capacity and the option of leaving them.

Hence, if you are a masculine man at your core, you can never stray from your goal and purpose in life. Whatever your purpose is, whether it is teaching, to racing cars, you have to live your purpose day in and day out.

But you might be wondering, what the heck is life’s purpise?

I won’t deny that it takes some time to figure it out, and some people never do, but the answer lies in trying different things in life and following that which gives you pleasure and joy, something that just clicks within your inner soul.

But you will sometimes also realize that you can complete/finish your purpose at a point in your life and have to find a new one. So there are layers of them where you slowly unfold each one.

The Fallacy of The One and Soulmate

Now this is the idea that has been sold to us by Hollywood and the media. It takes a while for us to get free of the conditioning of the notion of romantic or idealistic love, because in practice, the idealized version of love we see in most movies does not have any application in real life.

In fact, the more you try to apply those beliefs into the real world, the more damaging in can be to your relationships. I can’t count the many times I thought chasing after someone and confessing my undying love would make them change their minds. Predictably, things did not work out the way I imagined.

Reason being, feminine nature does not trust the core of the masculine if it is not grounded in something greater beyond just idealized love.

Feminine nature in fact wants to feel your strength that you do not put anyone on a pedastal and that you actually fearlessly go after what it is you want ouf of life. Now of course, you probably know a lot of couples who are in happy relationships where the masculine does not have much ambition, but sooner or later, the infutuation wears off, and that’s when things are really tested.

Do You Want a Friend, Business Partner or A Lover?

This part of the book was the most mind blowing piece ever. Because if you are masculine man who wants a satisfying relationship with a feminine woman, you can’t have it all in one.

Because different energies are in play here, and the things you discuss with your friends about philosophy, history and other topics are neutral in sexual energy, so you can indeed really like someone as a person and their mind, but often times you can also find yourself not particularly sexually attracted to someone.

There needs to be polarity of masculine and feminine energies for greater sexual attraction. So wanting a best friend, who is also a business partner whilst at the same time being your lover is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Which goes against everything I’ve been lead to believe, because in modern day culture, we are told to find someone who we can talk to about anything, communicate, whilst being each other’s best friends, but sadly you can’t have it all. Looking at most couples, it is now making sense why some people lose that sexual attraction they once had for one another over time, because with the shift of their sexual energies, the polarity between the feminine and the masculine does not exist anymore.

Prepare To Be Tested Each Step of The Way

If you are a masculine man at your heart and core, then you must be prepared to deal with a shitstorm of everchanging emotions and uncertainty from the feminine. As the masculine energy, we are the stable, rational, and centered confidence the feminine needs to feel comfortable and secure.

Whenever you doubt yourself, whenever you lose confidence and direction, the more the tests will come your way to see whether you are still the masculine energy the feminine can trust and follow.

So whenever, you are faced with resistance from your partner or feelings of unappreciation, it is not that they don’t appreciate your accomplishments or the things you do, but as the masculine you must know deep within that you don’t need the approval of the feminine to feel appreciated and worthy.

The reaction of your partner should not determine how happy and accomplished you feel about your successes in life, because you must have the capacity as the masculine to feel successful and proud even without the approval of your partner.

The more you know your worth and value from deep withing from your inner core, the more you will be appreciated and loved oddly.

We are taught and conditioned to believe that our partners are the people we must trust and rely one when things get tough, and while a good partner will raise you up and challenge you along the way, remember that it is not the nature of the feminine to lead your way and cradle you.

As the masculine, we have to light our own way in the times of darkness and challenge.

The Masculine Gives, while the Feminine Receives

Ever wonder why as men, we have more of a tendancy to be violent aggresive, and on a grander scale, the builders of civilizations and empires?

Well, because as the masculine, our energies are made to come from our core, from the within to be released into the world. We are basically in a sense fucking the world. We are fucking the world and releasing parts of ourself into the world.

Ever wonder why women have more of a tendancy to like finer and nicer things in life? The feminine on the hand is made to receive and behold the beauty of their surroundings.

Looking back now, it makes a lot of sense why I had not trouble with the most basics of living. Everything I had served a purpose and had a practical reason for being there, from the clothes I wore, to the furniture I had, but my girlfriends always found a reason to decorate things that no rational or practical value.

However, this does not mean that we are always 100% masculine or 100% feminine in our energies, because we have different levels in different areas of life. It’s about finding our inner core and accepting that inner core if we are to live a truly a satisfying life with satisfying relationships.

If you have not already, The Way of The Superior Man is a must read for most men.


A little about my background for the people who don’t know. I am a Mongolian, so it could technically be classified as both East Asian and Central Asian.

Objectively I would say I look mostly East Asian, and in most cases Americans or Europeans mistake me for Korean or Japanese, so this is all based on my month long travel around Russia with Trans Siberian Railway, buses, and other methods of transportation.

To cut to the chase, the short answer is, Russia feels very safe and never did I feel uncomfortable while travelling, but if you are interested in the nuances please stay tuned.

However, there are instances where you might be mistaken for minorty groups such as Kazakh, Kyrgyz, or Buryat, so depending on how stereotypically East Asian you look, it might depend.

Do Russians Treat Asians Differently?

Usually East Asian, especially Chinese tourists have the infamous reputation of being loud and rude, so if you are in a group, Russians might find it annoying.

However, since I was travelling by myself people didn’t really care about my background and treated me like everybody else.

Best advice is to be respectful and behave well just like in any other countries, then you will be fine. One of the things I think a lot of Europeans find annoying is some cultural differences East Asians and Europeans might have. Usually East Asians stereotypically have less tact and due to media and previous experiences with group of tourists, some Russians may have developed some negative views, not necessarily racist views though.

Was Taking The Trans Siberian Safe?

I’ve taken the Trans Siberian quite a few times and actually wrote a guide on getting cheap tickets, and never have I felt uncomfortable or as if the people treated me badly.

If you are taking the Trans Siberian and travelling in Russia, then you HAVE to get one of these adapters.

The people who usually take the Trans Siberian are mostly normal people who are just going about their lives. Some of them might be interested in you if you are foreigner and would like to know more about you or try to strike conversations.

Some will want to practice their English with you and also know about your culture. So my experiences with the Trans Siberian has always been positive and was lucky enough to meet people who were cool and laid back.

Are Russians Nice To Foreigners?

Depending on your background, how nice or how interested they are depends. Mexicans, Indians, and other exotic looking people get stares and have people approach them in some cases. While travelling with a group of my hostel friends, some Russian people wanted to socialize when we were at the park enjoying a few beers.

However, when I was by myself, I often felt like I was just like everybody else. People didn’t necessarily look at me differently or treat me badly. I felt like I blended I just blended in with everybody else.

Is Taking The Metro Safe For An Asian?

It’s funny because when I first got to Moscow, I was so afraid of taking the metor and even refused to go a bit outside the centre because I was sure to meet a skinhead and get beat up.

However, over time I learned how stupid that fear was and it was mainly due to brainwashing by American media and some rumores/stories that people talk about, which are blown out of proportion.

Now whenever I take the metro, doesn’t matter where in Russia, it always feels like people don’t seem to even notice I am an Asian. People are just going about their day trying to get to where they need be.

Do Russians Speak English? Do They Get Mad When You Do?

Depending on the person, sometimes the cultural barrier seems to cause problems and irritate some Russians. Since I can also pass as Kazakh, or ethnic minority in Russia there was the expectation that I could speak Russian, but since my Russian was terrible, some Russians just looked at me with surprise.

However, knowing some Russian is always good and probably it is flattering for the Russians to have foreigners and visitors trying to speak and learn their languages. Though Russians may be a bit stoic and cold on the outside, they are genuinely very helpful people and will try their best to make sure you are fine.

Did I See Nazis and Skinheads?

I was sure to come across Nazis and skinheads out on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but nothing. In fact, I don’t think I saw a person who had a shaved head. Perhaps the nationalist movement was more prevalent 10-20 years ago just before Putin was president.

Police corruption and other shady business was also more frequent, but it looks like a lot of internal affairs as well as issues with racism has seen improvement since Putin.

So Are East Asians Safe In Russia?

Don’t be stupid and have some common sense. Try not to walk in secluded alleys during the night by yourself, take note of your personal belongings and don’t be a walking target for muggers and robbers.

Aside from that, Russia relatively safe for foreigners and visitors, though I would recommend to avoid looking like a typical tourist because they are always targeted by pickpockets and muggers for easy money.

If you are planning on visiting Olkhon Island and see lake Baikal, then you need to know a few things before heading over there so that you are fully prepared for the unexpected.

Quick tip, if you are traveling to Russia and Baikal specifically, you HAVE to buy one of these adapeters. Otherwise your won’t be able to charge your phone or your computer.

Is It Worth The Expense To See Lake Baikal?

This comes down to your personal preference. Some people like seeing natural landscapes and experiencing the wild beauty, whereas some others like cities and more of the nightlife and culture.

It won’t be THAT cheap beacuse you do need to plan it and consider your budget. However, if you like seeing natural landscapes and more of an introverted person who likes to reflect on your life, then this will provide you the opportunity to do so.

I break down the costs at the end, so stay tuned!

Should you go see Baikal with friends or by yourself?

Again, this comes down to personal preference. What is your purpose of visit? Are you looking to get away from everything and need time to yourself? Then definitely go by yourself, because it will give you the space and time to be with yourself.

However, if you are looking to have a good time and enjoy your stay best to your possibility, then traveling with friends is not such a bad idea. Sharing amazing moments with friends and loved ones is always a good memory to have.

Though, I found going with people close to you, family, spouse etc was best.

Should you visit lake Baikal during Summer or Winter?

Do you like the winter or the summer? Because either is beautiful in its own right. During the winter, lake Baikal is frozen, and there are events and attractions that allow you skate, but I personally went during the summer season.

Where should you buy Bus Tickets?

First step is to book a Trans Siberian Railway ticket to Irkutsk. You can do so on their official website.

Read: How to book cheap tickets for Trans Siberian Railway.

Or if you are flying to Irkutsk, then that is also okay.

Usually if you book your stay at a hostel, then you should be able to book a trip from your hostel. They will write you slip and reserve a spot for you. It costs 1000 rubles one way, 2000 rubles round trip.

If you are going a bit further into the Island though (Kharantsy section) it does increase to 1100 rubles one way.

You can also use apps like Beepride or Blablabla ride, to book a minivan/bus trip online.

What is the Ride to Olkhon Island Baikal like?

Van headed for baikal lake

Best tip is to go to the bathroom before heading on your journey, because you never can be sure 😉

The ride will usually take 7-8 hours, so packing something to drink and eat along the way is not such a bad idea. The driver will most likely stop for bathroom break, so you can always buy a few snacks during your stop as well.

Once you reach the port after 5 hours of so driving, you will have to get off the van and load onto the boats. Don’t get lost and miss when your van boards the ship! Board the ship when your van boards, keep a close eye. During our trip, someone ended up getting lost and we had to leave her after almost 2 hours of waiting.

After being transported to the Island by a boat, the driver will continue for another hour or two to the villages. Depending on where you booked your stay on the Island the driver will drop you off at your destination.

Should You Book Your Hotel in Khuzhir or Kharantsy

Kharantsy all the way! When you book a place in Hujir, you are booking in the area that is the most crowded and you have to walk a little to actually see Lake Baikal. The view from Hujir is not that great either, so Kharantsy is the preferred place to book your stay, though it is a bit more expensive.

I stayed at Badanskay, which cost around 3000 rubles per night including food and lodging.

Though I do have to stay reception at Harantsii is pretty bad and is somewhat isolated from the party. The good news is that you have the best view of lake Baikal, just a 2-3 minutes walk and there are many vantage points.

It’s another worldly experience to see such a majestic sight with your own eyes instead of just reading about it.

How Much Will It Cost You In Total

Excluding Trans Siberian and Airfare ticket costs, here is the breakdown of what it might cost you to get there from Irkutsk.

Minivan/Bus ticket: ~2000 rubles roundtrip

Snacks & Gifts: ~ 1000 rubles

Hotel/Guesthouse: ~2000-3000 rubles x Per night

So if you are staying there for a 3-4 days, which seems to be optimal amount time, then it should come down to 11000 rubles to 14000 rubles per person, which is not that expensive, but still not that cheap either.

For currency converter, check here.

When we are growing up, we all go through certain experiences that leave their imprint on us. From friends, lovers, to relatives, people around us influence in ways we can’t just explain in a few sentences. We soak their beliefs, their ideas, and their behaviours when we are young.

However as we grow up, we start to develop our sense of independence. We rebel against our parents and start to listen to what we think is true within our hearts, but this is soon met with opposition from friends, parents, and people who supposedly know better than you.

Not to mention how the environment affects our way of thoughts and beliefs. Before we know it, we basically become the byproduct of the people that had the most influence on us and the environment we were exposed to.

These beliefs and ideas somehow end up subconsciously imprinted within our minds and we end up doing certain things not based on our own free will, but our previous programming.

The Secret
7,776 Reviews
The Secret
  • Beyond Words Publishing
  • Rhonda Byrne
  • Publisher: Atria Books/Beyond Words

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne however, teaches us that we have the power, that we are in charge of our destinies.

Have you ever had a thought that occured to you and somehow that thought became more and more intense, which soon thereafter ended up becoming true? Well that is what the law of attraction is basically about.

The feelings we feel, the thoughts we have, and the things we repeat to ourselves, most importantly our fears end up manifesting into the real world, and if we are not aware of it, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Love is not hard, it’s easy – What The Secret Teaches

It is fascinating how my childhood and teenage years look so clear in hindsight, because the thoughts I had and the beliefs I held during that time all became true when it came to matters of love.

During my late childhood years, girls used to chase the cool Orgil, full of confidence and swagger. Personally, I wasn’t interested in relationships nor love since I found no point in experiencing it, but there was a shift once I hit puberty and started to go through hormonal shifts.

Growing up listenting to melancholic music such as My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, and other emotionally angst songs, to watching romantic movies where love is a struggle, a battle, that’s essentially how my love life came to be.

The people I loved/cared about, all resembled the poems, the love stories, and the movies I watched. Even if things started out well and great, it soon turned into a melodrama of emotions and struggles that the other person was not willing to deal with.

This went on for years and years, until my early adulthood years. It wasn’t until the person who I thought was perfect for me in every aspect turned out to be someone else I was not expecting. I had been fantasising, dreaming, or idealizing all people I came to like or fall in love with.

This stems from our inner void of feeling not good enough for something, that we have to prove something to people, which is very unhealthy because life is not about proving something to other people; it’s about sharing fun filled moments without expectations and attachments to what may happen. It’s playful, it’s fun, and people should feel free to come and go as they please.

However, realising that I’ve been coming from a very fearful and scared space, it was like a moment where it all made sense. All of previous experiences when it came to the matters of love failed due to my sense of low worth despite the objective and realistic opposite.

You have to know your worth and you have to learn to love yourself fully before someone else can love you back in return.

Making money is not hard – Using The Secret

Another area of life a lot of people struggle with is making enough money to make ends meet. How many of you know people who are working harder than ever but just can’t seem to have enough money to start doing the things they love or live the life they want?

Again this all comes down to their belief systems of what they have grown up with. Now in certain cases outside influences and circumstances do have a role in someone’s financial well being, but in most cases non financially literate people make small choices and decisions that negatively affect their financial future.

How many people freely spend their money on needless things because an advertisement told them so? How many of them spend their money on books or valuable courses that could help them make more money?

Most often, people tell us college and work is the way to living your life, but a lot of us fail to understand that life has many more opportunities. We think hard work only will get us success, but we also have to learn how to make luck work in our favour.

Coming from a somewhat poor background during my early childhood, as a nomad, there wasn’t much to go around. Everything I thought was based on lack of resources, that I need to hoard all the good things that come to me. Up until I graduated college, that’s how it has always been for me financially.

I worked at certain jobs to save save save and not leave much to treat myself. In certain cases, not buying food because I needed to save. However, I learned to never be stingy on spending money on your well being. A healthy body and mind is priceless.

What is interesting though however is that, I’ve always imagined myself traveling the world and having work I could do with my computer. Sooner or later, I learned to let go of the mentality of always having to save and save but investing your money into other endeavors that will make you more money.

You can make money work for you and make more money with money, and that’s essentially where my life is at! Though it’s not fully to the level I hoped, it’s getting there.

What’s really important is to act as if you already have it all. To go to the places you always wanted to go, to dress in a way that makes you FEEL like you are already living that lifestyle. Sooner or later you will find ways to make that happen if you so choose.

Life is not hard – It’s Easy with The Secret

One of the things I always disagreed with my parents was how everything is a struggle that we have to work hard for everything we have. While to some degree that’s true, it’s not the full truth. There are people who did not have work hard for much, but because they saw opportunities or saw things from different perspective, they made a life of their dreams.

Life can be easy if you choose to live an easy life. We just don’t know where to beging. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is taking on responsibilities that they don’t want to burden themselves with. This means becoming a parent when they are not ready, getting married because that’s what other poeple are doing etc.

We follow the usual path, what everyone else is doing to perhaps fit in or to perhaps not feel ostracized, but the important thing to remember is that, your life is your life. You choose how to live it; other people can’t choose the life for you.

Even if it means upsetting a few people and breaking their heart, your life’s path is something you have to take yourself. Life truly can be easy and effortless if you believe it is and make choices that will make it so. We just need to see it with a different lense.


Much like a radio signal or tv channel, your mind and your thoughts are a signal emitting radio tower. What you think, what you feel, you will attract certain experiences and people into your life.

Sometimes it’s so freaky how what you are strongly feeling and thinking about can manifest in the world. One of the most recent experience personally for me was when I was walking through a street full of people feeling upset about walking all lonely but hopeful that I will come across someone that will make feel not so lonely.

Surprise surprise, a totally random stranger walks up to me asks me if I am alone, he tell me he is alone as well and just walks away. It’s an experience I will never forget. It made realize that I am not alone that there are people in the world who go through certain life struggles just like I do. Soon thereafter, one my old flames who I really liked reached out to me.

It’s freaky how your thoughts and feelings can have such a profound effect on your reality! So live your life in joy, happiness, and health because the more you allow yourself to feel that way and the more you allow yourself to be open to such experiences, the more your life will fill with the wonders of life!

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Are you looking to book a ticket with the Trans Siberian Railway but don’t know how to book the tickets? No worries because I’ve been in the same situation before, so I will be sharing the most easiest way to book them for very cheap prices.

FYI: Always be sure to bring one of these adapters with you if you want your phones and laptops working 🙂

How Much Does Trans Siberian Actually Cost?

Depending on what class you are traveling with and where you are going the prices vary. But for some understanding, the general estimate is ~2500 rubles from Saint Petersburg to Moscow vice versa.

~3500 rubles if your train ride takes about 20 or so hours of travel.

~6000 and up rubles if you are taking a long ride from Western Russia to parts of far East Russia.

You can use this currency converter to check the actual prices in your local currency.

Why Not To Book With Travel Agencies

To be honest you don’t actually have to go through local travel agencies or go through 3rd party vendors. Although they may be making it a bit of a less hassle for you, they still add their commission on top of the actual ticket fare and you are getting charged more.

What Times Are The Most Cheapest To Book?

I found usually booking tickets for late night trains which are during the weekdays to be the most cheap. It makes logical sense because most people will prefer to travel on Friday or the weekend on manageable times, which leaves more tickets for unusual times.

The closer you get to the date of travel though, it does get more expensive, so if you want the cheapest tickets available, it’s always a good idea to book one in advance.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Tickets At The Counter?

Instead of booking tickets through travel agencies, yes you can buy tickets straight at the counter when you are traveling, but you are at the mercy of your luck. Also, the ticket officers won’t be able to speak English at all so there might language barriers you will have to deal with as well.

Sometimes the tickets will be sold out and you might end up stranded worst case scenario.

The best solution is to buy your tickets through the official website online and print your ticket at the station.

Booking Tickets Through The Official Website

If you have Cyrillic keyboard, then it should be easy for you otherwise you should install Cyrillic keyboard on your computer before proceeding. Although you could use Latin script, the official Trans Siberian Railway website gets finicky with Latin and English.

However, the most easiest way probably is to use an online virtual Cyrillic keyboard and then copy and paste.

If you don’t understand Russian, use Google Translate. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Step 1. Register on the website

Go to the official website:

registration on rzd web

Step 2. Enter Your Destination

Once you are done registering, go back to homepage and enter your destination.

entering in your destination on russia train

Pick a good time to travel and the class you would like to travel with. I usually recommend 2nd class it’s the best of both worlds. It’s not too expensive and somewhat comfortable.

choosing seat and berth on russia's train website.

Step 3. Login

You should have registered already and verified your account via email address.

Step 4. Enter your personal information

passenger information on siberian railway site

Take your time and be careful with this one, because if you make a typo or a mistake, then you will not be able to board your train, so double check. You can actually use the English version on this for easier understanding. There is a UK flag on the top right hand corner.

Step 5. Add any additional services you might need

It will ask you if you want any insurance and additional baggage services. Depending on your needs, choose whichever is appropriate.

Step 6. Check Out With Credit Card

russian railways checkout page

Now that you are at the final stage, check out by inputting your credit card details. Once done you should be able to download the PDF version of your ticket which you will be able to print out.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

It might be a little of an annoying process to be honest, to book on the russian railway website. But if you want to get the best prices, it’s the best way.

Just remember to use Google Translate well and try not to click on other things that don’t make sense when booking your ticket.



Are you planning on taking the Trans Siberian Railway, but unsure how your experience will be when you do take it? Or you perhaps trying to plan how you can make your experience best to your possibility when taking the train?

Well in this article I will be sharing with you my experience of taking the Trans Siberian railway for short distances and long distances. Some my trips took less than 10 hours, whereas I’ve had certain travel experiences of spending 4 days on the train non stop.

Buying Train Tickets, How To Get Them For Cheap

If you are looking to buy the train tickets without extra fees and don’t want to go through agencies, then you can buy it directly from the Trans Siberian Railway website. You can choose the English version for the site if you don’t know Russian.

As long as you have a credit card, you should be able to book a ticket for fairly decent prices online.

Buying online and at the counter at the station, the prices are the same, so it’s better to buy it online and then print your ticket once at the station at one of the small kiosks or with those machines.

Is The Trans Siberian On Time?

YES! I was amazed how the trains are always on time. Compared to my experiences with Amtrak in the U.S, The Trans Siberian Railway in Russia is much more reliable and have amazing prices. Amtrak does not come anywhere close to the Russian Railway.

If you are thinking that you can come late 5-10 minutes later than the actual departure, you are mistaken. You better be there on time with your ticket, otherwise they are leaving without you!

Luggage Storage On the Trans Siberian

The luggage storage on the trans siberian is not that bad to be honest. You have plenty of room to put things. Big suitcases and bags are a hassle to carry with you so it is best advised to bring smaller suitcases, but even if you have big suitcases there is enough room to store them under the berth.

If interested read: Best suitcases for backpackers and digital nomads

Though I would advise the Amazon Basics Brand of suitcases, because it’s easier to carry and doesn’t pose too much headache to carry with you.

Anyways, you have the option of storing your luggage under your bed if you are on the lower bunk, or on the upper compartment if you are on the upper bed.

How Comfortable Are The Beds on The Train

The beds are okay I would say. Not the most comfortable but not horrible, so it’s okay. For taller people, 180cm+ it might be a little difficult for leg room, because the beds are short and small, so there isn’t much room to move around.

It feels like you are confined in a box, so the beds could be better and could use improvement. Luckily though I am not too tall or stocky, so it wasn’t too bad for me, but anyone who is over 180 cm and 90kg, it will take some time to get adjusted to the bed.

If you are on the lower berth, it might be a little easier for you since you won’t have to climb up everytime you want to get to your bed and there is more room compared to upper bunks.

You have hangers, overhead lights, and a small net to store your belongings while you sleep, so besides the lacking space, it’s decent. The bed is not too hard nor too soft, so it’s not too bad on the back. However, after 20 or so hours of laying there in bed can get somewhat uncomfortable if you don’t get up to stretch and walk.

Do You Need To Bring Your Own Blankets and Sheets?

No you don’t need to bring your own blankets or sheets when taking the Trans Siberian. To be honest, they are pretty clean and well washed. You know the feeling of freshly washed linens and cloths right? Well that’s how the sheets feel when you receive them.

You also get a towel for hygenic purposes. Though I never really used the towels provided by the Trans Siberian, they are pretty clean and well washed.

The only problem I have with blankets and sheets are the thickness of the blankets, because they are pretty thin and during the night when the train gets chilly, you can get cold, so it’s not a bad idea to bring travel blankets with you in case you get a little cold.

My recommendations for travel blanket is the Coolmax travel blanket, because it is thin, light, and very portable.

How Safe Is the Trans Siberian Railway?

irkutks train stop on trans siberian

I’ve taken it a few times and never have I felt unsafe or uncomfortable. The people are pretty nice and some offer to share their food with you. If you are a foreigner and from a different country some will want to know more about you and your culture, so it’s always a pleasant experience to talk with the locals.

You would assume Russians like to drink and get rowdy during the night, but as far as my experiences go, no one really cared to drink nor were there disturbing noise during while trying to sleep. Everyone seemed to behave well and there are plenty of conductors and employees on the train keeping an eye out for suspicious activity, so safety is not something to worry about.

However, one thing that kind of bothered me is how the Train stations don’t really care much to check luggages and what’s inside it. Yes, you do go through scanning process, it’s not that enforced, so you could easily smuggle something on the train.

Do You Get Bored On The Trans Siberian Railway?

If you are taking long distance trains for 2-3 days, yes you DO get bored so bring something with you that will keep you entertained. Since in most cases you have limited number of outlets, you do run the risk of running out your phone and laptop battery.

Bringing a journal, a book, cards, or some other non digital forms of entertainment is a good idea while taking the Trans Siberian.

You can always converse with the people on the train and converse about whatever topic assuming both of you can understand each other’s language well. Otherwise, you’re stuck for hours and hours trying to keep your mind going insane.

Oulets for charging phones and batteries

Depending on the train you take, some of the newer ones do have outlets in the 2nd class compartments, whereas some don’t and have only a few outlets out in the hallway.

Be sure to buy one of these adapters for your travels if you want to have battery though!

So if you want to make sure you don’t run out of battery, then it is advised to bring some portable power banks for your trip. Read: best power banks and battery chargers for travelers and backpackers.

Should You Take 3rd Class or Higher?

Depending on your budget, this is up to you which one you choose. If you have some money to spare, then I would recommend taking the 2nd class at least, because in the 3rd class, privacy is almost nonexistent and you are at the whim of 20 or so people not to disturb you during the night.

It can incredibly hot and oxygen lacking in 3rd class compartments because well… you have 20-30 people in the same room.

In 2nd class you at least have your own window, a shared desk, and it’s more personal if you want to get to know some of the people you are traveling with. So if you are wondering whether you spend that extra $20 to upgrade your ticket, do it!

Is There Air Conditioning on the Train?

This also depends on the train you are taking, but in most cases there is no air conditioning, no cool breeze that you might expect. What’s interesting is that during the night and evening though it’s pretty comfortable and cool, but it does get chilly when it passes midnight.

However, during the day, if it happens to be sunny, you are in for a ride. If you especially happen to be a big guy, then you probably should bring your own fan or something to keep you chill because it can pass 30 or so degrees celcius when the sun is out.

The best advice is to keep your window shades down and buy cold water to keep yourself cool. If you are in the 3rd class compartment it’s worse, because you don’t have control over opening the shades and windows as much.

How Clean Is The Train in General?

Generally the Trans Siberian is fairly clean and well kept. However, depending on what kind of train you are on, the toilet is a hit or a miss. Some of the toilets an be dirty and a bit unpleasant to take a shit, but some others are very clean and well maintained, so this will depend on how lucky you are.

Otherwise, overall the train is very well maintained and is clean. You don’t have dust, garbage, or other things out in the hallway etc. Things are where they are supposed to be.

Final Verdict and Judgment of the Trans Siberian Railway

If you don’t mind the long hours and the wobbling train that rocks back and forth, then the Trans Siberian is absolutely recommended. I actually prefer the Trans Siberian over flying because when you are flying the process is much more annyoing.

Train rides usually have a calming effect, at least for me, because you are with your own mind away from the many distractions of the world. I find it the perfect time do some journaling, writing poems, and just reflecting on my life. It’s a great way to contemplate on your travel experiences and your journey so far. It has been one of the most eye opening and insightful experiences personally.

But for some others, it is recommended to take the Trans Siberian Railway just for the experience and the stories you will make, otherwise the price is in most cases almost the same compared to airfare, though maybe slightly cheaper.

Flying is still the best choice if you want to get to your destination quickly.


Not sure what types of food you should bring on the Trans Siberian? Should you even perhaps bring food on the train? Today we will be answering those questions in greater detail, based on my first hand experience.

Should You Bring Food On The Train?

trans siberian 2nd class compartment

This comes down to your personal preference. If you don’t want to pack your bag with a lot of things and prefer to travel light, then it is recommended not to bring any food with you because for reasons I will explain below.

However, if you have certain diet restrictions and food allergies, then yes, you can bring your own food onboard the train.

The only thing you have to be very mindful and vary of is during the border control process. For example if you are taking the Trans Siberian from Mongolia to either China or Russia, certain animal products are prohibited, so you will have to end up throwing them away.

If you do want to bring food on the train:

  • Sausages
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Tea
  • Bread
  • Nuts
  • Chips
  • Fruits
  • Candy

These are perhaps the best types of foods to bring with you on the train, because they don’t go bad too easily and they’re great selection for train travel.

What Types of Food Can You Buy On Trans Siberian Train

The conductor on your train section will be there in case you have any questions or want to buy anything. If you are taking 3rd class, there will be people going back and forth from time to time selling pirojki, ramen noodles, and other types of snacks. However, you are at the mercy of those sellers and might find yourself hoping they come by.

On 2nd class and 1st class, just go to your conductor and ask what they have. Usually they have ramen noodles, water,drinks, tea, candy bars, chips, etc. Nothing that will make you feel whole and full like a complete meal, just minor snacks to curb some of your hunger.

Is There A Restaurant on The Train?

However, if you are willing to pay some hefty premium, you can go to the restaurant. Depending on whether the train is long haul train or short voyage train, in some cases you might not find any restaurants, so be mindful of that.

In case there is a restaurant, you have options of choosing from breakfast, lunch, and dinner at okay prices, but the food is not that great.

There are other choices of foods you can pick from, but the it’s pretty pricey and expensive. I paid 150 rubles just for some salmon on a piece of bread! You will find yourself spending 2-3 times the amount you usually would on normal restaurants or places to eat.

Can You Buy Food On Train Stops?

irkutks train stop on trans siberian

If you decide not to bring any food with you, then this is the best option for you, because you have good selection of choice on train stops. There are small kiosks that sell a lot of products, from drinks, bread, pirojki, to sometimes full meals packaged in cartons.

If you are lucky, some people will be waiting on the train stations to sell actual meals such as steak, hot dog; foods that will actually fill you up. It’s a hit or miss though, so you can’t really count on those people being there on the train stops, so depending on your luck, who knows whether you will come across those people?

So Should You Buy Your Own Food Or Not for Trans Siberian?

Short distance trains:

For train rides that are less than 12 hours, it’s recommended to have some snacks with you in case you do go a bit hungry during your ride, otherwise, if you think you can hold out, it’s your choice whether to not bring anything with you. Sometimes if you just go to sleep, you will find yourself at your destination 🙂

Long distrains trains:

It is highly recommended that you bring something to eat. Whether it’s just a few slices of bread with salami; if you don’t bring anything with you, YOU WILL go hungry on long distance trains because on certain occasions they will go half a day without stopping.

You can buy ramen, and other types of snacks from the conductor, but it’s not fully filling foods, you will be left waiting for train stops, and on some train stops they might not have what you are looking for.

So take it from a minimalist who tries to pack as lightly as possible, it is a bad idea not to bring anything.

If you have not already, read: What to wear on the Trans Siberian