I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, but if you have a powerful passport from countries that are more wealthier and well developed, then you will have an easier time traveling and saving money at the same time. If you happen to be from another country that is second world or third world, you will have to get visas to whatever country you want to visit, which will cost some money. Also flights from less developed countries or more expensive relative to more developed countries but it is what it is. So assuming that you have your visa and your flight tickets already purchased, let’s talk about certain factors that you are in control of.

Staying in hostels

If you want comfortable accommodation for a relatively lower price than hostels is the best choice for you. Usually, in most places, it costs from $7 up until 30 or $40 depending on which country you are traveling to. Try Hostelworld Besides being relatively cheap one of the things I enjoy about staying in hostels is that you can meet many people from different parts of the world and you can make friends more easily. Who knows maybe you meet your soulmate at a hostel because everyone is open to new experiences and want to have a good time. Hostels usually attract a younger crowd and people wishing to discover more about the world and themselves, so if you are looking for an adventure and experience, then you must stay in a hostel. However, if you like having your own space and without much noise during your travelers, then staying in a hostel would be more difficult because you have to share a room with strangers. Especially for introverts, it might be a bit difficult being so vulnerable and having to interact with so many people that you don’t know and are not comfortable with. And also some hostels look good on paper and while looking at the pictures however sometimes even though a hostel may have good reviews and supposedly good pictures you will run into some hostels that are not clean and up to the standard that you may have hoped for. So please read the reviews and do a bit of research beforehand.


Couchsurfing is a really cool application that allows you to connect with locals and asked for a place to stay for a few nights. You don’t have to pay for anything and you might come across nice hosts that might be able to show you around the area without any charge. You might be wondering why people would take the time of the day to show tourists around and give them a place to stay for free? Well, some people are just lovely and have a passion for traveling as well and love to meet people from different countries and different cultures. However, you do want to be safe and want to double check the background of the host before you make any plans. You should read reviews and check out the person’s Facebook and other social profiles. If your gut says something otherwise who it is best to listen to intuition.


Eating out at restaurants every day can take a toll on your finances so you can always decide to prepare your own food. Usually, hostels have a kitchen where you can make prepare food. Couchsurfing hosts sometimes are very nice, and I will treat you from time to time as well. However, the cheapest option is just to decide to pack your own food and buy from local grocery stores instead of eating out all the time. You would actually be surprised how cheap food can be if you buy whole foods like rice potatoes meat and such from local grocery stores instead of buying pre-packaged foods. It’s actually good for you as well.

Bus & Train Tickets

Now I would actually advise you to spend some more money to buy economy class or a bit more comfort if you’re traveling long distances via buses or trains. Trust me I tried the cheapest options when traveling with buses and trains when I was in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Seats can be really uncomfortable and sometimes you don’t even get a seat, you have to stand. Instead of buying online sometimes it is cheaper to buy from your local station because they don’t add any extra charge for the tickets. But sometimes if you stand out as a foreigner you do get charged a bit extra, so it does depend on the situation in sometimes.

Blend In With The Crowd

This is most likely to happen if you’re traveling in less developed countries. A lot of countries charge extra for foreigners since they are traveling. Blend in if you can because it helps out a lot when it comes to saving your finances because locals do not pay as much. Instead of talking or trying to talk you can just use body gestures and your hands if you look more like a local. Dressing up as a local will help with blending in as well.