Not sure what types of food you should bring on the Trans Siberian? Should you even perhaps bring food on the train? Today we will be answering those questions in greater detail, based on my first hand experience.

Should You Bring Food On The Train?

trans siberian 2nd class compartment

This comes down to your personal preference. If you don’t want to pack your bag with a lot of things and prefer to travel light, then it is recommended not to bring any food with you because for reasons I will explain below.

However, if you have certain diet restrictions and food allergies, then yes, you can bring your own food onboard the train.

The only thing you have to be very mindful and vary of is during the border control process. For example if you are taking the Trans Siberian from Mongolia to either China or Russia, certain animal products are prohibited, so you will have to end up throwing them away.

If you do want to bring food on the train:

  • Sausages
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Tea
  • Bread
  • Nuts
  • Chips
  • Fruits
  • Candy

These are perhaps the best types of foods to bring with you on the train, because they don’t go bad too easily and they’re great selection for train travel.

What Types of Food Can You Buy On Trans Siberian Train

The conductor on your train section will be there in case you have any questions or want to buy anything. If you are taking 3rd class, there will be people going back and forth from time to time selling pirojki, ramen noodles, and other types of snacks. However, you are at the mercy of those sellers and might find yourself hoping they come by.

On 2nd class and 1st class, just go to your conductor and ask what they have. Usually they have ramen noodles, water,drinks, tea, candy bars, chips, etc. Nothing that will make you feel whole and full like a complete meal, just minor snacks to curb some of your hunger.

Is There A Restaurant on The Train?

However, if you are willing to pay some hefty premium, you can go to the restaurant. Depending on whether the train is long haul train or short voyage train, in some cases you might not find any restaurants, so be mindful of that.

In case there is a restaurant, you have options of choosing from breakfast, lunch, and dinner at okay prices, but the food is not that great.

There are other choices of foods you can pick from, but the it’s pretty pricey and expensive. I paid 150 rubles just for some salmon on a piece of bread! You will find yourself spending 2-3 times the amount you usually would on normal restaurants or places to eat.

Can You Buy Food On Train Stops?

irkutks train stop on trans siberian

If you decide not to bring any food with you, then this is the best option for you, because you have good selection of choice on train stops. There are small kiosks that sell a lot of products, from drinks, bread, pirojki, to sometimes full meals packaged in cartons.

If you are lucky, some people will be waiting on the train stations to sell actual meals such as steak, hot dog; foods that will actually fill you up. It’s a hit or miss though, so you can’t really count on those people being there on the train stops, so depending on your luck, who knows whether you will come across those people?

So Should You Buy Your Own Food Or Not for Trans Siberian?

Short distance trains:

For train rides that are less than 12 hours, it’s recommended to have some snacks with you in case you do go a bit hungry during your ride, otherwise, if you think you can hold out, it’s your choice whether to not bring anything with you. Sometimes if you just go to sleep, you will find yourself at your destination 🙂

Long distrains trains:

It is highly recommended that you bring something to eat. Whether it’s just a few slices of bread with salami; if you don’t bring anything with you, YOU WILL go hungry on long distance trains because on certain occasions they will go half a day without stopping.

You can buy ramen, and other types of snacks from the conductor, but it’s not fully filling foods, you will be left waiting for train stops, and on some train stops they might not have what you are looking for.

So take it from a minimalist who tries to pack as lightly as possible, it is a bad idea not to bring anything.

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