So you have made plans to take the Trans Siberian Railway? If not but planning on taking the Trans Siberian Railway, then read how to book cheap Trans Siberian Tickets.

Depending on the train and the season, the temperature on the trains can be fickle, so it’s best to pack clothes suited for both comfort and practicality.

Which Class Should You Book For Trans Siberian?

1st & 2nd Class

Depending on what class ticket you bought, it will vary. Assuming you got first or second class, you should get air conditioning somewhat, but don’t count on it too much because sometimes the air conditioning does not work.

3rd Class

3rd class does not have any air conditioning and you are packed in a room with many other people, so it can get a bit uncomfortable for some people who need fresh air and the cool breeze. I would advise getting 2nd class for journeys that are longer than 12 hours.

How Hot Does / Cold It Get on The Trans Siberian?

If it’s sunny and assuming the air conditioning does not work well, it can reach well over 30 degrees celcius. If you are in 3rd class, this can be pretty bad because you have a room full of people sweating and smelling funky. If you are trying to save money as much as possible and have to take 3rd class, try to book a berth close to the window.

There is a caveat however, because if you leave the window open during the night, it does get chilly and sometimes the thin blanket that is provided does not suffice. I would recommend getting one of Coolmax’s Travel Blanket, because they are thin but retain heat very well.

What Are Appropriate Clothes To Wear Then?

The list below will help you avoid getting extremely hot or cold when the temparatures do change.

  • Thin Trousers – Thin cotton trousers are great for allowing air to flow through your legs whilst at the same time keeping you somewhat warm during the cool nights. Jeans or shorts are not really recommended because you do have the risk of getting cold or hot, the median balance is thin trousers.
  • Hoodie Jacket – Since it gets cold during the night or in case you need to go outside, it’s always handy to have a hoodie jacket near you. You won’t necessarily have to wear them on the train, but hoodie jackets with zippers are easy to put on and very practical for train rides.
  • Cotton Longsleeve – Like thin cotton trousers, cotton longsleeves are a good choice, because if you only wear a tshirt, you can get cold during the night or have mosquitos bite you, but a thick shirt is not neither a good idea, so the best median is cotton longsleeve. Getting 1 or 2 sizes bigger might be better since you can have some airflow and avoid sweat sticking to you as much.
  • Slippers – And never forget comfy slippers to take with you on the train. The Train does offer their own brand of slippers they sell on the train, but if you prefer your own brand, then don’t forget to bring a pair.

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