For people who grow up with active imaginations, it can be hard accepting the world as is. Your expectations for reality and how things ought to be never aligns with how things actually are.

Some of these people even go as far as to creating their fantasies in the real world. Walt Disney, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, all these great visionaries refused to settle and went on to create something of the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Their vision and their imagination have captivated us, enthralled us, perhaps sometimes even give us a meaning, an ideal to strive towards in life.

However, how do you separate reality from this unattainable delusion you have given yourself? Sometimes I don’t even know anymore. The more you dream, the more you try to uphold yourself to your romanticisms and ideals of youth, the more likely the mundane and the banal are to disappoint.

Ever since childhood, many of us come up with these lofty goals of a long voyage, falling in love with your soulmate, saving the world and running off into the sunset for a happily ever after, but as we grow up, we are faced with the harshness of reality. You need “money”, you need to be “realistic”, you need to be “responsible” if you are to survive in this world, but deep down we all know that we yearn for more than just mere existence of worldly responsibilities and expectations of society.

Some of us do come to accept that things will never be as they hope and are quite content with the normal, while a minority of us still cling on to that youthful spirit of grand adventure. Sometimes, it’s harder not to envy the people who seem to have fully accepted the “reality” of things and are quite happy with the mundane: getting a job, settling down with someone “nice”, raising a family etc.

But, knowing that you will never be happy conforming to society’s and other people’s expectations of what you ought to be and should be, as much as you try to fool yourself into believing it, there is still that dreaded doubt of “What if…”.

“What if I gave up on my dreams too early?” “What if I should have packed my bags for the unknown?” “What if I could have done better?”

I am sure most of you have been there one way or another, perhaps you are even asking these same questions right at this moment…

While I don’t know all the answers, there is one thing I do know for certain. Your heart, your soul never or “the universe” as some call it never lies and it never leaves your side for it is always there in times of need and despair. You just need to listen because sometimes the answer is right in front of you.