We Don’t See Our Own Faults

It’s interesting how we like to look at the faults of others and judge the things around us without considering how we affect others. Most of the time, it’s always someone else who has wronged us, made us feel bad, and behaved badly without any consideration of others.

However, we often tend to overlook our own flaws and how we interact with our surroundings. You probably had friends, family, and colleagues complain about how someone wronged them one way or another. The reality is that we all behave badly and we are not the saints we may think of ourselves to be.

I’ve had drivers complain about someone else’s terrible and aggressive driving whilst doing exactly the same thing himself. We truly are our worst critic since we lack the perspective to look at ourselves without bias. Selfishness is a funnily a paradox. As long as we benefit from our selfishness it’s not considered selfishness in our own eyes, however as soon as it’s in the interest of someone else to not bend to our will, it’s considered “selfish”.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

Ever had people believe a favour or a gesture of goodwill was mandatory or something that was expected of them? Perhaps your spouse got mad at you for being too busy with work to clean the house, or perhaps your friend said you were “selfish” for not giving him a lift to the store because you had other important priorities. In truth, you could argue your spouse or friend were the selfish ones for not being considerate of your time and your personal life.

People form unhealthy dependency on others for their own autonomy and happiness, as if we owe them something. It’s something we have to be mindful of in order to avoid becoming dependent on someone else for our own happiness and well-being, and to also avoid situations where someone might become unhealthily dependent on you for their own happiness and well being.

At the end of the day, no one owes us anything. No one has wronged us nor has the obligation to comply with our expectations. While you should have expectations for yourself to become the best you can be, expectations placed upon others and expectations placed upon life can bring you great misery and dissatisfaction.

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