People look at most wealthy people with disdain, and with a negative point of view. However, I would like to challenge you guys to look at that them from a different perspective.

Now I know money is not the answer to everything and that money does not necessarily make you any happier, and there are some superficial rich people who are not good role models, but we can learn so much from people who’ve dedicated themselves into their passion to be where they are at.

Most Wealthy People Are Not EVIL!

Successful people and wealthy people create the opportunity for us to have jobs, education, and healthcare etc. Without people who have a vision, such things would not exist, and we wouldn’t have many of the comforts and the innovations we have today. Their determination to succeed has brought so much boon for advancement of society in general.

Thomas Edison, sure he was an asshole, but he allowed us to enjoy electricity. Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P Morgan etc, they all were rich people who lived extravagant lifestyles, but they built the U.S nation that we know of today. They sacrificed many things in their lives to achieve success so that we could benefit from their works.

People can argue rich people are evil, corrupted, and pose harm. I don’t doubt there have been affluent people who abused their wealth and power, but that’s a possibility we can’t avoid if we want to advance as a society and a race. Just like everything in the world, there are the good & bad.

Wealth is A Product Of The Value We Provide

People assume success is a product of climbing up the social ladder over the years, and for some, it is, but for individuals such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Obama, Ed Sheeran etc, they had to bust their asses day and night without the promises of certainty that they’ll succeed. They probably failed more than you can think, but they had the tenacity to believe in themselves to continue.

They probably couldn’t care less about money; it’s not that important to them. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates wanted to make our lives easier with computers; they wanted to connect people from all around the world with technology, and it was their passion to make the best fucking product out there that people could enjoy.

Many successful people have charities and donor organizations that support education, social advancement, and environmental sustainability, etc. The average Joe does not even come close to the amount of good deeds they perform every year. Us average people are selfish with our time, money, and attention, myself included.

Why Do You Desire To Be Wealthy?

I personally want to be wealthy, not because to live an extravagant wasteful lifestyle of cocaine, sex, and luxury (although some do; it’s their choice), but so that I can provide people with more opportunities for their growth, so that one day they can provide the same to others.

The more wealth I have and the more wealth I create for myself, the more I can share with people who are not as fortunate as me, and the more I can help with making the world a better & safer place for our generations to come.

Money & Wealth is not the problem, but it is our actions and choices in how we choose to look at Money & Wealth that determine whether it is good or bad.

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