Sometimes you have to get lost to find yourself.

How many of you find yourself repeating the same old same old only to ask yourself at the end of the day, “what did I do today exactly?”

It’s not a lie, we are getting older and we are being controlled by our habits and routines. If you have been caught up in “life” for some while, it’s hard to get out of that vortex of mediocrity.

Sometimes you even start questioning your existence, what you are here to do? what’s the point of it all? Those are some scary existential questions that might depress you. To be honest, sometimes I myself don’t even know what the fuck we are doing here; though as much as I try to have faith in God and my lifelong mission, sometimes I just find myself drifting and getting caught up in the mundane.

But I think that’s normal. Although we are the same person at heart with certain ideals, we change over time and we evolve to be someone different.

Which is why sometimes you just need to lose yourself over and over, to find yourself again and again.

There is something beautiful about getting lost. Lost in a different culture, country, far away from home, far from what you are used to. You are truly free to rediscover yourself and find a different you.

While good and bad memories of your ex-lovers, friends, and family still linger your thoughts, you learn to forgive, to let go, to appreciate the moments you’ve shared with them. You no longer are bound by who you think you are, but you become who you really are.

Because in our everyday lives we build certain walls, we put on different masks in order to fit in with our culture, social circle, and expectations of others. As much as we may try not to conform, on a subconscious level, we become a byproduct of our usual surroundings.

But we are more than that! Ever since the dawn of man-kind, we have created, we have discovered, and pushed the limits of what we call “reality” “life”. We are ever-changing beings with the power to evolve beyond our expectations. Sometimes we just need to get a little…. Lost….