The Uggs Trend in Mongolia

Although most people have their own sense of style and identity when it comes to shoes, during 2008-2009, the Uggs were a major trend among Mongolians, specifically teenagers. Perhaps it was the look or maybe it was comfortable and warm, but men and women alike wore them during the winter. I remember one of my best friends buying Uggs and rocking it with a pair of blue jeans.

What Kind of Shoes Do Mongolians Usually Wear

Mongolians mostly wear all kinds of shoes and boots. We can be quite trendy and fashionable, so your average Mongolian living in a major city can have varying styles depending on age. Most teenagers wear converse or stylish shoes while most professionals wear some form of dress shoes. Unlike Americans and Westerners, Mongolians DO NOT wear sneakers and trainers on a daily basis.

During the winter months, having warm boots is essential as temperatures can reach -40*C sometimes. It’s pretty common to see people wearing Uggs, mainly women, but it’s not only limited to women.

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Where To Find “Mongolian” Uggs

Amazon has a good selection of Uggs, and what you find there is pretty much the boots Mongolians wore during the 2008-2009 trend, though I think since the last 10 years, the style and look has improved.