Traditional Clothing

Tradtional Mongolian clothing is simply the deel. Depending on the use and purpose of the deel, the material, the style and look can vary.

Check out this cool video about making the Mongolian deel:

Practical Deel

mongolian nomads wearing deel

The deels that nomads wear are mainly for practical purposes. It’s made out of wool and cloth. No fancy stitching or ornaments. The outer layer of the deel is hardy and tough. It doesn’t burn nor get wet quite easily.

The inner layer consists of wool for heat conservation and feels quite comfortable. There are 2-3 “buttons” around the neck area, but the placement and style can vary based on who sewed the deel.

In most cases you wrap yourself with khadag or with a big belt around your hip area, otherwise the deel will just drape over your body.

Decorative Deel

mongolian man and woman wearing the deel

While the deel most nomads wear are moreso for practical use, Mongolians have modernized the style and look of the deel as well for decoration. The material used to make it is usually more expenseive, such as silk or cotton.

You won’t see a lot of Mongolians wearing the decoration deel for everyday purposes, but for holidays, festivals, and other special events, it’s pretty normal to wear one.

Check out Gobi Cashmere. They make the best modern style deels.


Accessories for the deel usually include military style boots, or traditional Mongolian boots are pretty big and bulky with a pointy tip.

Cowboy hats, belts, and other personal accessories look good on deels.

Fashion Trend in Mongolia

If you are visiting major cities like Ulaanbaatar, then you most likely will see Mongolians wearing clothes that are pretty modern. Jeans, dress shoes, t-shirt, etc.

Mongolians living in Ulaanbaatar are very trendy and fashionable, because most people in urban environments tend to judge someone’s character based on the clothes they wear. The usual fashion trend in Mongolia is a mix of Western and Korean / Japanese.

It’s pretty common to see teenagers and adults alike to dye their hair blonde, white, and other intresting colors with unique hairstyles. You won’t see Mongolians wearing any trainer sneakers unless they are going for a workout.

Mongolian kids standing in group
My friends and I on a night out.

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