There she sit on the floor, watching a movie on the TV, with me right behind her. Her demeanor and golden blonde hair seem to suggest that it’s someone I know. She rocks back and forth as if she wants me to catch her and perhaps even hug her, but nothing from my end. Frustrated she forcefully rocks herself backwards and I have no choice but to catch her.

As she slowly turns around over her right shoulder, it’s definitely someone I know, there’s no mistaking it. The same perked lips, the same piercing eyes with a look that said I missed you. As I stare in surprise, she reaches over to kiss me, but with every inch of my willpower I turn away.

My mind racing and confused, I whisper “If it didn’t work the first time, how will it the second?” Regretful and upset, she reaches forward and sits back where she was; teary eyed, heavy in her silent mind.

That touch, that look, the same warm fuzzy feelings that I so know of. Did I really want to try again, to give it another chance? Maybe… I don’t know… Anything to make her sadness go away. I slowly muster myself the courage and reach over to hug her.

Her small tiny head fit just where it used to, her warm breath heavy on my skin with a deep longing to be close. So comfortable, so familiar, so warm, as if I could stay there forever, just like old times. But something pulls me away from this dream, this fantasy, and soon enough I find myself laying in my bed, in the dark.

Dreams scare me! 

How real they can sometimes seem? Are we dreaming so that in a way we can fix any unresolved issues? Or are we actually connecting spiritually with things beyond the physical.

It’s hard making up my mind whether our dreams are isolated from the world and we in a way are just in our own fantasy land or whether we are actually getting in touch with our higher selves and our loved ones in the spiritual realm.

If it’s just our neural signals sending electrons to different parts of our brain, is that all we are? Is our reality and “life” as we call it just in our heads/brain?

Now I am sure I am not the first to wonder of these questions, the Brain in A Vat theory by Descartes poses the same questions about reality. Since our sense of smell, taste, touch, etc are mere signals to our brains, which tell us what to and how to feel.

Then there are other people on the other side of spectrum, where it’s theorized that the heart is the most magnetic organ in our body and through our heart we connect with things in life, not our brains.

So which is it? I want to believe in the latter, the idea that we are all connected energetically and spiritually.

Ever had those moments when you suddenly think of someone or had a dream about them? When it’s out of nowhere, when your heart just feels heavy with the thought of someone you knew or cared deeply about in the past, what do you make of it?

Unresolved feelings? Mind tricks by our brains? Or perhaps are we energetically and spiritually connecting with someone we knew?

Yeah, just questions that make you confused and questions to make you wonder what it all means.