Recent Digital Marketing Development in Mongolia

Mongolia is not really know for its digital marketing industry and it sure is a long way until the general public learns to share good and valuable content on the internet. While there are many things that can be improved upon, I still am hopeful that a recent trend of moving towards digital solutions will continue.

A few of my recent digital marketing projects, specifically in the tourism industry have been both frustrating but rewarding at the same time. It’s been a few months since working with a local French travel agency in Mongolia, and while the work is challenging and allows me to learn, there is only so much a single person can do. However, knowing that it’s making a difference, no matter how small, is enough of a motivation.

Social Media in Mongolia

Social media is actually starting to become quite popular in Mongolia, and people are consuming social media content with a voracious appetite. Businesses, interest groups, and individuals alike are becoming more and more active on specifically Facebook. It wasn’t too long that even the French tour agency, DMD-Mongolie, started using Facebook.

It’s funny how a few years ago, most of the population didn’t even know how to use a smartphone and now everyone is almost glued to their phones. Such is technological advancement I guess… Even I catch myself mindlessly scrolling through different social media feeds out of old habit.

Though social media and the internet can be used for great purposes such as finding interest groups you want to be a part of, market your business and brand, share your ideas with people, Digital Marketing or Social Media and the Internet is a double edged sword.

What you seek, ye shall find

The internet feeds you what you want; it doesn’t care if it’s good for you or bad for you. It’s a confirmation bias tool that can be detrimental to your self growth if used incorrectly. Racism, bigotry, and propaganda are a few things to mention, because most comment sections are riddled with hateful and downright upsetting remarks.

I do believe it’s important to be mindful that most people are just hurting and seeking validation from others, no matter how hateful. In a way it’s better to be at least acknowledged than being ignored and rejected.

Aside from not being able to avoid negativity on the internet, consumerism culture is deeply affecting how Mongolians treat one another and live their day to day lives. Teaching digital marketing to people and how to get their presence online can be used for good, but also for bad.

It’s common to see scams, get rich quick schemes, illegal copyright infringement, and people seeking to take advantage of others’ naivety. However, with time as the general public gets more accustomed to different facets of the internet, I am sure more people will start using Digital Marketing and the internet as a tool to help other people learn new skills, provide valuable content, share their art work, etc.

Until that day comes we can only do our part and hold true to our beliefs and values of the reasons for doing the things we do. The internet, social media, and the digital world can be used for both good and evil. It just matters how you use it and apply it in your life.