The official modern day Mongolian writing system is Cyrillic. It’s similar to many Slavic and Central Asian countries that use the Cyrillic alphabet, but it has the additional Ө Ү as vowels which is unique to the Mongolian language. Before using the Cyrillic alphabet Mongolians used to mainly use the traditional script and at one point in time even Latin, for further reading check out: Mongolian writing system.

The vowels and consonents are as follows. Keep in mind that for shorter sounds only 1 vowel is used while for longer sounds 2 same vowels are used and they can mean 2 totally different things.


Vowels: А а, И и, О о , Ө ө, У у, Ү ү, Я я, Ю ю, Е е, Ё ё, Й й, Ы ы, Э э

Consonants: Б б, В в, Г г, Д д, Ж ж, З з, К к, Л л, М м, Н н, П п, Р р, С с, Т т, Х х, Ц ц, Ч ч, Ш ш, Щ щ


The Alphabet


А а – Pronounced like Aahh

Б б – Pronounced like Behh

В в – Pronounced like Vehh

Г г – Pronounced like Gehh

Д д – Pronounced like Dehh

Е е – Pronounced like Yeeh

Ё ё – Pronounced like Yohh

Ж ж – Pronounced like Jehh

З з – Pronounced like Zehh

И и – Pronounced like Ee

Й й – Pronounced like Ee 

К к – Pronounced like Khahh

Л л – Pronounced like ILL. Emphasis on LL as if you are about to spit

М м – Pronounced like Imm

Н н – Pronounced like Inn

О о – Pronounced like Ohh. The O sound used in ORC but hold the O

Ө ө – Pronounced like Uhh. The U sound used in UGH, but hold the U

П п – Pronounced like Pehh

Р р – Pronounced like Irr with rolling R.

С с – Pronounced like Iss

Т т – Pronounced like Tehh

У у – Pronounced like Uhh. The U sound used in LUNAR

Ү ү – Pronounced like Oo. Similar to oops

Ф ф  – Pronounced like Fahh & Fehh

Х х –  – Pronounced like Hahh, Hehh

Ц ц – Pronounced like Ts

Ч ч  – Pronounced like Che

Ш ш  – Pronounced like Ish

Щ щ  – Pronounced like Ishts

ъ – It’s a vowel hardener, no sound

ь – It’s a vowel softener, no sound

Ы ы – Pronounced like Ee

Э э  – Pronounced like Ehh

Ю ю  – Pronounced like Yu

Я я – Pronounced like Ya

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