Over the course of my life, I have always sought to find shortcuts to save time, so that I can go play and do the things I enjoy. Whether it was household chores, washing the dishes, and everyday mundane tasks that we all have to deal with from time to time, I found myself half assing most them.

I did not think much nor give it any amount of thought at the time; we are human after all as no one likes to spend precious time on labours that we deem unfruitful. However, sooner or later as I got to high school, I found myself half assing my homework, my assignments, my studies, my hobbies, and everything else in life as long as I got by. As long as I felt I was doing good enough.


Half of my college years faced a similar fate, although towards the 3rd year of my studies, it was hard not to question everything about my reality as true adulthood greeted me on the horizon. Could I have gone to the Olympics had I stayed in the swim team? Could I really have been an influential engineer? Could I have done more with my life?

Ohhh all the things I could have been, all the missed opportunities, all the better possibilities I could have had. The price I had to pay, and for what? A half assed result I have to live with. It is a little to late to yearn for my teenage days now nonetheless.


Why did Mandakhnaran Ganzorig, a master wrestler lose out on the Rio 2016 medal? Certainly it wasn’t because he lacked skilled. Unfair ruling? Emotional rush of adrenaline? Perhaps… However, had he truly fought til the end and finished the match wholeheartedly, in the last few seconds that counted the most, Mongolians would have been able to proudly see our flag raised for the world to see.

mongolia rio wrestling coaches angry

As much as I want to cry foul for injustice, we still need to take accountability and draw lessons from the important event, as it’s not only a one time thing, but a cultural norm in Mongolia to half ass things. Now no one is perfect and I still struggle with keeping true to my own words, but everytime we say “I’ll do it later”, “It’s good enough”, “It’s too much work”, “No one will notice”, “I don’t get paid enough for this”, everytime we don’t give our full hearts, we reap what we sow. We are not only cheating other people, but ourselves.

Habits have a profound effect on our lives and in a society where everyone else seems apathetic, it is hard to break out, but the actions we take during those so called “mundane” and “boring” moments of our lives determine how likely we are to succeed with our goals. It is when no one is looking, it is when we decide for ourselves to walk the extra mile, do we become champions.