It’s a few hours before my flight back home after a month or so of backpacking around the United States. It has been one of the most fulfilling and life enriching experience I have ever had. What started out as a little dabble with adventure turned out to be a life changing experience. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and learning different perspectives from millionaires, broke backpackers, ex-convicts, and internationals from 4 corners of the globe.

As I sit and type this blog here in the hostel kitchen with the subtle 2000s music in the background, each and every song takes me back to a time and space of my younger self. Ohh how things have changed and how time has passed by. It’s hard not to be nostalgic and sad despite the endless possibilities ahead in the future.


While Rihanna sings about her Umbrella, it’s an odd feeling to realize that as we age, we become desensitized to emotions. We forget what it’s like to love, to feel, to enjoy the moment without having to worry about what’s to come tomorrow. There is just something magical about our younger days despite its ups and downs. It was a simple life with simple people. Just remembering the days of how a 2 Liter soda drink with a few of my best buddies or staying up all night chit chatting gave me more happiness than anything else is surprising, aahhh simple times indeed.


If there is something I learned along this backpacking trip, it is the fact that the connections you have with people are more important than almost all things in life. In the end, we all want to love and feel loved; it doesn’t have to be Romantic love, but genuine unconditional love given and received. But what do we get as soon as we turn on the radio, TV, and Computer? Flood of images about the impending world destruction, unrealistic body expectations we’ll never achieve, reasons why we won’t be happy unless we buy X, Y or Z.

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows, but for the majority of times, people are inherently good natured at heart. People like helping others, people like connecting and bonding; we are a communal species after all. However, why do we close ourselves off to others because we got burned once in the past, leading to our mistrustful attitudes towards people. We stop wanting to receive and give, but the greatest joy in life lies in giving and receiving. The world is a beautiful place if you know where to look.