After almost 5 humble years in the land of the free, USA, it is time for me set sail for a different horizon. It’s crazy how fast time flies and before you know it, you’re wondering how everything went by so quickly without you having the chance to do the things you wished to do. Although I am grateful for everyone who’ve come across my journeys to make me who I am today, it’s also hard to deny how differently things would have turned out had I known what I know now.

My values. What excites me and what makes me get up in the morning? I wish I had asked those questions a little earlier… We are so caught up with unnecessary distractions only to keep ourselves busy, so that we don’t have to ask the more important questions in life. Instead, we’re more concerned with “What is Kim even wearing?” “Does she like me back?” “I got so fucked up last night bro!” “That shirt is so cute, I have to buy it”

Funnily enough, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be as a child. I just never took the time to ask, to connect with myself again for a long while. Deep within ourselves, we always know what we want, but we’re drowned with mediocrity of life and its distractions. Looking back, was it all worth it? Was it worth trying to impress others? Was it worth it to “grow up”? Was it worth it to “be realistic”?

I am an individual with a different perspective, you are an individual with a unique perspective, we all are individuals with unique perspectives and gifts. Yet we try to hide them, bury them, to avoid asking the questions about ourselves because we are afraid of what we’ll find. Find that pearl and let it shine! Find that butterfly in your stomach! Find that excitement and joy you once had in your life!