It’s painful to be exposed to the injustice and the suffering that exists in this world. As of November 12-13th, 2015, a group of individuals made the choice to take away other people’s lives and rob the hearts of many who held the victims dear in their souls. I don’t know if the actual event itself is scary or the fact that hatred still exists in something that was supposed to be so beautiful, after thousands of years of technological and moral advancements.

What was once pure and magnificent is being used to promote one’s greed, hatred, and separation of humanity. What started off as to explain the beauty of life, the meaning of why we are here, and our purpose, is being used as a tool to discriminate, to judge, and to divide.

What justification is there for taking a life in the name of our supposed Gods? Who are we to decide what’s right and wrong when we can’t even see the mountain of a shadow we cast? I will not judge, nor will I hate, however I will grieve for the victims and pray that the ones who brought such atrocities will one day question their Convictions.

I wish not to see this event as a tragedy, but I do wish to see it as an opportunity to further learn and grow in ourselves. It’s easy to judge, however, I choose to continue improving and bettering myself to serve in humanity’s unity. I desperately invite you to do the same.

How can we ourselves grow as individuals to bring love, peace, and joy onto the world?