Why is reading important?

If you wish to better your life, reading is one of the most crucial tools that will you help you achieve your goals. You have the opportunity to learn a lifetime of failures, successes, and stories from the person you aspire to be like.

I admit that reading felt like a dreadful experience. Nothing seemed more boring than staring at a group of words trying to decipher what it meant. However, I gave it another chance when turning twenty, and the benefits that I received from the sheer amount of knowledge and information got me hooked. If you wish to live your life to the fullest, YOU HAVE TO READ!

Choosing the right books

It comes down to personal preference, but I mainly suggest books that are related to self-development, autobiographies, training manual, etc, and this is what the article is aimed towards. Some people read for their personal enjoyment, but we’re here to learn, so I won’t talking much about literature. Anyways, let’s get down to business.

Method #1: The Lazyman Method

Do you drive to work? Do you go to the gym? Do you take brisk walks? If you do, put on a pair of headphones or turn on your speaker and try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks with 30 day free trial. It’s both enjoyable and fun to soak in information as you perform any physical exercises.

Let’s break down the math.

1 Hour Commute x 5 Days = 5 Hours
45 Minute Workout x 3 Days = 2.25 Hours
45 Minutes of Cooking x 3 Days = 2.25 Hours

That’s almost 10 hours in total. I didn’t even include any other monotonous activities that can add to that. 10 hours of an audiobook read is almost 300 pages worth of material, so with that pace, you’d be finishing one book per week easily. If you have faster comprehension skills, you can speed it up 2x and finish it in half the time.

Method #2: Do Something While I Wait Method

Instead of going to facebook to watch cat videos or youtube to watch epic-fail compilations, download Kindle, Nook Reader, or iBooks, and start reading. You’ll be amazed how much you can read, just by spacing out your reading sessions.

5 minutes = ~5 pages x 3 days (using the bathroom) = 15 pages
10 minutes = ~ 10 pages x 5 days (waiting for class, friend, etc) = 50 pages
30 minutes = ~25 x 3 days (commuting) = 75 pages.

That’s well over half a book, Compile all the minutes you waste waiting for someone to show up or while taking the train & bus, going to the bathroom, etc, and within 2 weeks, an average sized book can be read.

Method # 3: The Grinding Method

I personally never do this often, but if you really want to get the book out of the way. The most effective method proposed by YouTuber Fight Mediocrity, is to speed up your audiobook by 2-3 times while you actually read along your paperback or digital version book. An average book takes 7-8 hours to read on an audiobook, so if you speed your audiobook by 2 times, it will only take 3-4 hours to finish a book.

Final words – it’s more than just bragging rights

There are snobs out there who brag about the amount of books they’ve read, but my main point is to help you learn more by becoming more efficient. You can get a lot done and become more smarter, wiser, and knowledgeable while you perform the most mundane tasks in life.

Books give you a shortcut to learning the things that took over a lifetime to master by others. However, we only retain 7-10% of what we read unless we apply it to our every-day life. As soon as you finish a book, write down the most important points you’ve learned and start implementing it to create the life you want.